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February 17, 2005
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Muharram so far...

New York was great. It was great meeting two sisters that i have been talking to online and over the phone for quite a while. That was a meeting a long time coming and glad it finally came. The Khoei Center rocked. I can't believe how big it is and the school and everything. There were so many people there too. The lecture was okay. The English one was pretty elementary...the whole retelling of Karbala which i've heard so many times but it was still good. The smell of haleem filled the streets for blocks.

The Ashura procession was interesting. They had it early for city code reasons. The whole street was filled with people in the middle of Manhattan. A bunch of guys were doing matam. Very hard too. I hadn't seen men doing it before except maybe on tv before i converted....long before i understood it. I haven't done as much as i did last Muharram as far as study and lectures but at least i have a good excuse. There is just so much going on right now for us here. The procession was good and the food (of course). I thought I didn't want any but then i ate most of my husbands plate. Oops. The lectures were excellent. I had heard of Masooma Hydairy and I finally got to hear one of her lectures. Over all it was a most excellent weekend. Traffic was not fun though. Trying to leave NY for NJ took about fifteen minutes per could have had something to do with the Chinese New Year as Chinatown was filled with celebratory papery.

Haven't made it to the mosque here yet but we do plan on going.
February 08, 2005

So I have a new favorite show. It's been a while since something on tv excited me but i am hooked on Super Nanny. It's so awesome. Call it training in advance. I love this show!

Still househunting and we have found a dream house - perfection as far as homes go. The most peaceful home i've ever seen...

Caught up on a few blogs lately...haven't been online nearly as much as i did pre-marriage. I was glad to see My War is now out of the army and i think working on a book. I'll read that one. It's the only soldiers blog that i really liked...

Reviewing a few books right now and trying to get a lot done. I can't believe i'm saying this either but I cannot wait until summer is here. Humidity shumidity...i don't care...just take away this cold!

Looking forward to Muharram and all the lectures. One of the mosques here is having an english and urdu program - two separate buildings of the mosque so that should be cool. The guy that's doing the english lectures is a khoja from Orlando. Looking forward to a spiritual month filled with more learning. Last year i had barely converted although i did learn a lot during the month, I think this year will be even better. I just may try to make a friend or two since there will be other english speaking people at the mosque for this.

I'm also looking forward to going to the Khoei Center for a few days of Muharram and meeting a very good friend for the first time. Can't wait to buy some books at the Khoei bookstore too. All in all, Muharram is going to be very fulfilling. It's going to be hard not to celebrate anything during the month as i have so much to celebrate and be thankful for.
February 07, 2005
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Compliments of Zack
February 02, 2005

What is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?
When you figure it out, tell me.

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