Sister Soljah
January 10, 2005
To job or not to job...

that is the question. Should i take a job where i actually have to leave the house? I like my freelance home jobs and am not at all sure about driving in rush hour, going to an office building, and working for someone. Call me spoiled but it doesn't sounds inviting.

The pros are:

- I could say I was the editor of a magazine...that sounds pretty darn good for the resume.
- It's extra cash...that's never a bad thing.

The cons:

- I'd have to file taxes for 2005 which if i don't take the job, i won't have to.
- Atlanta is hell. Seriously. The driving abilities of southerners is dangerously bad.
- Working in an office...yuck.
- Working for a live person who tells me what to do, what i'm doing right/wrong, etc.
- Having to dress up for work.

I have grown lazy in my freelance days haven't I?

I would on the other hand, work at the mosque's new school five days a week, ten hours a day, for i can't be that lazy, or am i?
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