Sister Soljah
January 27, 2005

We've all met some of these people...pretty funny article on the topic.

Intro to article:

What is Convertitis?

Convertitis is a highly contagious disease, which spreads rapidly among converts to Islam, particularly those who are experiencing great amounts of confusion, but who don't think they are. (Also commonly known as The Case of the Insta-Scholar)

The Case of the Insta-Scholar

Jane took her shahada last week. She was a "regular American" who studied a little about Islam, hemmed and hawed over the dress and dietary codes, decided it was the Truth, and accepted it into her life. Many sisters in the community looked forward to helping Jane learn the basics of Islam, such as the salat, the five pillars, the six articles of faith, and so on.

Now, this week, we see that Jane has changed her name to "Ai'sha," is wearing full niqaab [black only], buying everything (even potato chips-- which she may stop buying as it is "imitation of the kufar") from the halal market, getting into interfaith debates at her job, telling the other sisters what they "ought to be doing," and what they are "doing wrong," and considering accepting a marriage proposal to be a co-wife.

Read the whole article, Convertitis, or the Case of the Insta-Scholar, here

Know any infected people that have this or were you one? Share the stories. :-) I'll share my story after...
Interesting blog. Enjoyed reading it.


Joseph Smith Jr.
the truth about mormons
Interesting blog. Enjoyed reading it.


Joseph Smith Jr.
Latter Day Saints
This is very interesting site... »
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