Sister Soljah
January 31, 2005
My struggle

Sometimes i get so frustrated within the islamic community. I can't seem to find a niche or group of people that i have a lot in common with. Either they are too modern and not religious enough or they are too religious and not modern enough. I have tried but I seriously have a hard time making friends with Muslims. I've joined email groups in an effort to find some but for the most part, I have nothing in common with most of them. When i converted to Islam, my goal was to be as close to Allah as possible and to find the heart in religion. Most of the people i know can spew out rules and rulings and hadith and all of this is important but what happened to their soul? What about seeking nearness to Him. That is my goal. This weekend I was basically told that playing soccer, hiking, etc is not for "seriously practicing Muslimah's". It bothered me a lot that someone would make a blanket statement like that and in such an arrogant manner as though know exactly what Allah wants and doesn't want. It's been this way since i converted. Women i meet always telling me what i should or shouldn't be doing. My biggest struggle is with total submission to God. That is what i am seeking. That must come first in my heart i feel. I get so sick of this stuff though. I know much of it is an effort to help, but what it does is push me away and make me feel even more alone and gives me the feeling that i will never have a group of Muslimah's to hang out with. I look at the men in the deen and how much fun they have with their friends. Why can't it be that way with us women?

Okay, now that this is off my chest, good news of the weekend. We found the perfect house for us and get this! A little lake is our backyard. It's just perfect, peaceful, and perfect for us. I hope we can get it.
January 30, 2005
Help this sister out

This sister is going through a serious struggle with a bone marrow transplant. The community still hasn't been able to earn the $20,000 needed for it...if you can donate a few bucks, it could save a life. I know people who know the sister personally - it is not a scam. Here is a her blog expressing what she is going through. Do help if you are able.
Anatomy of a Bollywood Film. Funny post by Ali....

This is so right on....but i still love watching them for some brainless entertainment.
January 27, 2005

We've all met some of these people...pretty funny article on the topic.

Intro to article:

What is Convertitis?

Convertitis is a highly contagious disease, which spreads rapidly among converts to Islam, particularly those who are experiencing great amounts of confusion, but who don't think they are. (Also commonly known as The Case of the Insta-Scholar)

The Case of the Insta-Scholar

Jane took her shahada last week. She was a "regular American" who studied a little about Islam, hemmed and hawed over the dress and dietary codes, decided it was the Truth, and accepted it into her life. Many sisters in the community looked forward to helping Jane learn the basics of Islam, such as the salat, the five pillars, the six articles of faith, and so on.

Now, this week, we see that Jane has changed her name to "Ai'sha," is wearing full niqaab [black only], buying everything (even potato chips-- which she may stop buying as it is "imitation of the kufar") from the halal market, getting into interfaith debates at her job, telling the other sisters what they "ought to be doing," and what they are "doing wrong," and considering accepting a marriage proposal to be a co-wife.

Read the whole article, Convertitis, or the Case of the Insta-Scholar, here

Know any infected people that have this or were you one? Share the stories. :-) I'll share my story after...
January 25, 2005
Take this survey

It's just a short survey. Guys do it too! We are curious to see how many guys help around the house. If possible, have wife and husband both and do it separately...

Man of the House

So i finally found away to get work done. I must leave the house with the laptop and not return until work is done. I wrote one very long article (3,000 words) and my shahada story too along with much research and some other projects. I'm so glad i finally figured it out. Working at home is just too distracting.
January 24, 2005
I can't even believe this!

This is what i'm ranting about this week. Christians turning people away from aid since they aren't Christian. That's real Christian behavior. Sheesh. Unbelievable. That's what i hate about evangelical Christians. Extremists in the worst way. Don't get me wrong...i don't like the Muslim extremists either. Extremists in anything are just plain bad. Like the prophet (pbuh) said the middle path is the right path. I just can't believe they would do this. It shouldn't shock me since they did the same thing in India so many years ago. Missionaries always have gone after the poor and only offering them food for conversion. It happened with the Indians, with South America, with India and so many others. It just turns my stomach. When trying to decide an organization to give tsunami aid, we didn't look for a Muslim organization because we just wanted the company that had the least administration costs so most the money would go to the people...any of them...hindu, christian, jew, athiest. I just can't believe people act this way in the name of God. Don't they know anything?

Some links:

Villagers furious with Christian Missionaries

Group to raise 'tsunami orphans' as Christians

Religious aid groups try to convert victims

There are so many more stories...Falwell is one of the worst doing these conversions. It's just sick to me....
Jury Summons

I can't believe it. I've been summoned for jury duty. Ugh. Why would they want me. I'm looking forward to it in a way but in another way i'm dreading it. I think they'll let me go though and i won't actually have to be there for it. I don't like being a judge of fellow mankind.

Weekend was fun. Had a good time at an Eid dinner at Procrastinations (Zack's house)...great food, great people, great times. And their daughter is just a little bundle of laughter and love. Mash'Allah.

Not much else going on. Haven't been feeling so hot and have lots of writing to do but alas, once again i'm procrastinating.
January 21, 2005

Help support Muslim businesses and publications. Subscribe to Azizah. A great magazine for Muslim women...and yours truly does write for them. :-)
January 18, 2005
This is one good thing about the states. While Europe is trying to outlaw the scarf and islam in general, the US does do some good stuff for us. Whether or not you are hijabed or unhijabed, this is a good thing in my opinion.

Tennessee school alters dress code to allow Muslim headscarf

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (AP) -- A public high school changed its dress code to allow religious headscarves after a national civil rights group for Muslims complained to the principal on behalf of a student.

A spokeswoman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations said Emily Smith, 18, a senior at Chattanooga's East Ridge High School, wore her headscarf, or hijab, on campus for the first time Thursday.

Smith said that although friends and a few teachers offered congratulations, "I wanted to keep it as low-key as possible."

Khadija Athman, civil rights manager for the Washington, D.C.-based council, said the group sent the school principal a letter January 6, three days after the student e-mailed the council asking about her rights.

The letter said that as a Muslim, the student is "required to cover her hair in public. Ms. Smith stated that despite numerous efforts to explain to you the importance of the headscarf in her faith, you always found an excuse to hinder her."

The letter said religious headscarves are protected by the Constitution and laws against discrimination in a public school.

Rick Smith, an assistant superintendent for Hamilton County schools, said the school had banned all head wear, but the principal agreed to allow Emily Smith's hijab after attorneys were consulted.

"This particular item was a little different because it is a religious garment," Rick Smith said.

Emily Smith said she first requested permission to wear the headscarf in August.

(article taken from

Just finished reading A Blonde in the Bazaar. This book was good. It's about a white Christian woman travelling around Pakistan. It's interesting because she went to places that tourists just don't go to. It's out of print for some reason (probably because she puts muslims in a good light), but used copies can be found. I found my used copy on amazon used.

Now I'm reading Namesake. I've got a few articles to do research for and write and a few books to review but I seem to be putting that stuff off lately. Married life has made me lazy in some ways and not so lazy in other ways. Weird.
January 17, 2005

Just got back from Toronto spending the week with my inlaws and my oh my was it cold. Got back here and it's an abnormal 33 degrees as well. I thought i'd come home to warmer weather. Burrrrr. I love Toronto's such a great diverse city. I hope we live there someday. It was great having mom-cooked food for the week too. :-) I'm so glad we saw them before they head off to the motherland for a few months.

I learned how to make some new dishes too like dos of my favorite meals. We finally got our wedding pictures and loved seeing them. Overall, an excellent trip.

I have so much work ahead of me the next few weeks but seeing family was great before the rush of work. I love being called chachi jann now. Especially in that excited fast tone. Okay I'm off to write one article and am not leaving my computer until i have. Peace, love, and hair grease!
January 11, 2005
A Quote

"Both optimists and pessimists contribute to society. The optimist invents the airplane, the pessimist the parachute." - George Bernard Shaw
January 10, 2005
To job or not to job...

that is the question. Should i take a job where i actually have to leave the house? I like my freelance home jobs and am not at all sure about driving in rush hour, going to an office building, and working for someone. Call me spoiled but it doesn't sounds inviting.

The pros are:

- I could say I was the editor of a magazine...that sounds pretty darn good for the resume.
- It's extra cash...that's never a bad thing.

The cons:

- I'd have to file taxes for 2005 which if i don't take the job, i won't have to.
- Atlanta is hell. Seriously. The driving abilities of southerners is dangerously bad.
- Working in an office...yuck.
- Working for a live person who tells me what to do, what i'm doing right/wrong, etc.
- Having to dress up for work.

I have grown lazy in my freelance days haven't I?

I would on the other hand, work at the mosque's new school five days a week, ten hours a day, for i can't be that lazy, or am i?
January 08, 2005
Have a great weekend! I'm househunting. Wooo hooOOOOOO.
January 07, 2005
Previous post

Sorry if the previous post offended anyone. I guess I figure everyone knows I am Shia. It was meant to be funny. Most people when categorizing shias say this stuff to us and we are hated by many muslims. It was merely bringing that to the light in a funny way. Sorry if it offended anyone but I am Shia...i would never have posted it otherwise. I think it would be quite funny if there was a wahhabi category that talked about the length of a beard and high water pants as the sign of a good muslim and i think it would be just as funny...because these stereotypes exist. The Prophet (pbuh) laughed and made jokes and we can too. It's often best to laugh at oneself and not others and that is what I did.
January 06, 2005

Well i'm behind on a kazillion things, so what better thing to do than read some blogs for more distraction. What a week. Gone - just like that. Rainy day just makes me lazier especially after a long meeting that reminded me exactly how far behind i am. Anyhooo...loved this from Sister Scorpion's blog...her test rocked.

You are a shia
You are a SHIA. You are devoted to the Prophet and
the 12 Imams, pray on a clay disk, and may or
may not beat yourself in Muharram. Everyone
hates you, by the way.

What Muslim stereotype are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

January 03, 2005

With marriage love begins to transform the prose of life into hymns and canticles of praise.

With marriage, aspiration to love throws back its veil and lights up the depths of the heart; it creates a happiness that no other happiness could possibly surpass, except for that of the soul embracing God.

Kahlil Gibran
January 02, 2005

So I have finally began uploading some of the honeymoon pictures...go to my photoblog (link on the left). And Masooma...the conversion story is coming sometime soon (insh'Allah).
When you figure it out, tell me.

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