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December 27, 2004
What's a happening...

Man i'm getting bad at blogging. Married life keeps a girl busy. We went to Boston and RI for a long weekend and i absolutely love that city. A friend of mine once said that Paris was built for me and i must agree. LOL. Paris is THE city to me. I love literary places with lots of history. Well Boston's got all that. I loved it. Thanks M for the nice trip. It was also nice to hang out with another paki/gori couple. Fun fun fun. OH, and it was nice to see snow again and then leave it behind. I was the coldest i've ever oh my.

What else? Oh, we went to the Fox Theatre Anniversary party the day after xmas which was just awesome. This theatre has a blue sky that looks like our blue sky with stars and then minarets jutting up and tents and's like an arabian palace. I could have looked at it all day. It was a nice finish to a nice week home. I kick myself for not bringing a camera. I just didn't think it was going to be as awesome at it was. I just stood there in awe. It was cool with the crescent moon and sword theme too. I can't seem to find any pictures online either but here's some next to see the good ones. It's got an interesting history too. I love how it looks like a mosque. Yaa Rabb is cool too but these Shriners drive me crazy with their beautiful mosques while Muslims pray in an building for a mosque that doesn't even look like a mosque. Here's a link with a photo of Ya Rabb Temple.

I made a turkey dinner which was cool...that's the only christmasy thing we did except for wishing my family a merry christmas. I figure i gave up all the other stuff, i could have a nice turkey dinner. My oh my was it good. One of my favorite meals ever...turkey, mashed tatos and gravy, stuffing, cranberry, etc. Such a perfect meal...and now we look forward to turkey sammich's ;-). The best part.

Oh, and i finished Life of Pi... Absolutely loved this book. One of my favorites now. I updated my book list too. I have quite a few books to review over the next few months so some of them are on there too and my personal reading too. I seem to be on a fiction kick lately. Now it's back to work. :-) Hope everyone is well.
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