Sister Soljah
December 29, 2004

Free Ipod Link Here.
This is a 100% legit offer, i know because a friend of mine completed all the steps and received a free ipod. Please help me get my free ipod, and get yrs too. With an ipod you can download the entire Quran or anything else as an mpr file and listen to it wherever you are (at work, in classes, on your commute)

Heres how it works:

1) Click on the link click link here (in order for me to get the credit you need to use this link, please do not go directly to the main website.
2) Chose one of the ipods
3) they will give you a number of free offers-at first click no to all
of them i.e. continue clicking no to every option, till finally
they'll give you a selection of five free offers you have to complete
4) Chose one that can easily be cancelled - and don't do any pop up offers from different places just the freeipod link...
5) Sign up completely for this offer (you will have to give your
credit card Number, but i assure you it will not be charged...just
make sure you cancel one day before the free trail period ends.)
6) Finally you need to do what i am doing: they'll give you a link,
and you need to refer it to 5 people who will also sign up and do the

Once all this is done they'll ship you your free ipod

I know quite a few people who have done this and already gotten their!

So please help me get my ipod and insh'Allah get one for yourself...i would much appreciate it!
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