Sister Soljah
December 13, 2004
Hamza Yusuf and good people

I've heard this name over and over and finally looked into what he's all about. Cool stuff. Here's a cool story from my honeymoon. We were walking around the Alhambra and lo and behold there was another Muslim couple. We spoke for a bit and they shared their story of travel plans. They were en route from Austrailia (where they live) to Spain and then from Spain they were going on hajj. So cool to meet them during their spiritual journey. Anyhow, the nice sister gave me a Hamza Yusuf tape. What a sweet gesture that was. This guys lectures are good! He's a convert to Islam which is pretty darn cool too. Anyhow, i wish i would have gotten this couples email address so i could thank them. I mean i thanked them then but it would be nice to be in contact with such nice people.

Here is one link and here is another. Quite impressive! There are many and many of his tapes, etc available. He's an inspiration to me as a convert.

I'm surprised I'm saying convert but lately - since Eid - I've been feeling that that's the group i most belong to. In the beginning i entered Islam with that "there is no race in islam" but that was before i met so many born Muslims. I don't mean this is as a slam to anyone but often, we converts become outsiders because of language, ethnic, cultural issues. Eid for me was being surrounded by a ton of people with no one speaking to me. Anyhoo...before i get off on a tangent i'll close. But this Hamza Yusuf guy is pretty darn cool. Salaams.
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