Sister Soljah
December 17, 2004

Okay, Gori is like calling a white female a honkie. It's kind of rude. It can be funny too especially when my husband calls me it teasingly. My dad also calls me it now since i'm the "whitie" in the family which is pretty amusing also. Bollywood loves to use it in a fun sort of way. I sometimes think it's really funny...especially the gori songs and also when people i know call me it. It's almost a sign of affection now. But when it's a stranger, and it's meant to insult, i obviously don't.

My post from a few days ago touched on race and segregation in the Muslim community. This is something that has been bothering me for a while, more so these days. I give up on trying to make friends from the community and lately stick to converts. Unfortunately, i can't find any here.

When i go to the desi store, i get stared at and they look the gori up and down. While shopping once right before the wedding, a lady couldn't believe M was marrying a gori and said so - loudly, leaving M and his sister in shock. And then there's the mosque thing where no one wants to talk to the gori. The list could go on and on.

Here's my thing. What has happened to the Ummah where people feel skin color matters so much? I could care less if someone is green. The green person could very well be the nicest or most pious person in there. That's who I'd want to sit next to and talk to. We need to think about race in a way that brings us closer instead of separating us. Staring at a white person or black person that isn't native to the community is rude. We feel the stares. A salaam would be much more islamic and appreciated...
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