Sister Soljah
December 15, 2004
Good Feeling

There's nothing better for a writer than to see one's byline in print. I don't think it's really an egotistical thing but to some extent, it probably is. But moreover, it's the feeling of contribution. In this world there is a mass of information and most of us go through life unable to contribute a lot. So when we do, seeing something of ours in print and it saying "Written by....." gives a good feeling. That's the feeling I had today. The mailbox with its typical junk mail, magazine, bills, and then bam, something i wrote. It felt good. Also, this weekend at the bookstore, a book that i reviewed was released in softcover so i picked it up just because and looked at the cover. (Artwork often changes from when a reviewer reads it to print time). There on the back I'm quoted. I was like "wow, i'm quoted on a book". It feels an honor for the reviewer to get in a way a good review. That line when i wrote it was one of those lines where it feels right. Often i don't like what i write, but there will be one line that just does it for me. This was the line. And they requoted it on the book. I thought that was cool. It doesn't have my name, just the publication, but i know. :-) The author had actually thanked me for the review too. I wanted to meet her but i was sick with west nile virus (this was last winter). Anyhooo...that's the good feeling I'm having today. Soon, i'm going to explore the used book stores here...thanks for the inspiration to seek a used book store out Sister Scorpion. I miss them and I'm sure there's a great one here hiding out somewhere. :-)

PS. Today i made the best samosa's i've ever made. These were simply divine.
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