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December 29, 2004

Free Ipod Link Here.
This is a 100% legit offer, i know because a friend of mine completed all the steps and received a free ipod. Please help me get my free ipod, and get yrs too. With an ipod you can download the entire Quran or anything else as an mpr file and listen to it wherever you are (at work, in classes, on your commute)

Heres how it works:

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6) Finally you need to do what i am doing: they'll give you a link,
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Once all this is done they'll ship you your free ipod

I know quite a few people who have done this and already gotten their!

So please help me get my ipod and insh'Allah get one for yourself...i would much appreciate it!
Last night's dinner. Haven't posted one in a kebabs with corriander chutney and a yummy salad. Pretty basic and darn good! Posted by Hello
Leftover turkey dinner....mmmmmmm Posted by Hello
December 28, 2004

That's how many people the tsunami has killed. Let's make dua for them...or go to Sister Scorpions blog and see the links she has set up for donations. That's even better.
December 27, 2004
What's a happening...

Man i'm getting bad at blogging. Married life keeps a girl busy. We went to Boston and RI for a long weekend and i absolutely love that city. A friend of mine once said that Paris was built for me and i must agree. LOL. Paris is THE city to me. I love literary places with lots of history. Well Boston's got all that. I loved it. Thanks M for the nice trip. It was also nice to hang out with another paki/gori couple. Fun fun fun. OH, and it was nice to see snow again and then leave it behind. I was the coldest i've ever oh my.

What else? Oh, we went to the Fox Theatre Anniversary party the day after xmas which was just awesome. This theatre has a blue sky that looks like our blue sky with stars and then minarets jutting up and tents and's like an arabian palace. I could have looked at it all day. It was a nice finish to a nice week home. I kick myself for not bringing a camera. I just didn't think it was going to be as awesome at it was. I just stood there in awe. It was cool with the crescent moon and sword theme too. I can't seem to find any pictures online either but here's some next to see the good ones. It's got an interesting history too. I love how it looks like a mosque. Yaa Rabb is cool too but these Shriners drive me crazy with their beautiful mosques while Muslims pray in an building for a mosque that doesn't even look like a mosque. Here's a link with a photo of Ya Rabb Temple.

I made a turkey dinner which was cool...that's the only christmasy thing we did except for wishing my family a merry christmas. I figure i gave up all the other stuff, i could have a nice turkey dinner. My oh my was it good. One of my favorite meals ever...turkey, mashed tatos and gravy, stuffing, cranberry, etc. Such a perfect meal...and now we look forward to turkey sammich's ;-). The best part.

Oh, and i finished Life of Pi... Absolutely loved this book. One of my favorites now. I updated my book list too. I have quite a few books to review over the next few months so some of them are on there too and my personal reading too. I seem to be on a fiction kick lately. Now it's back to work. :-) Hope everyone is well.
December 17, 2004

Okay, Gori is like calling a white female a honkie. It's kind of rude. It can be funny too especially when my husband calls me it teasingly. My dad also calls me it now since i'm the "whitie" in the family which is pretty amusing also. Bollywood loves to use it in a fun sort of way. I sometimes think it's really funny...especially the gori songs and also when people i know call me it. It's almost a sign of affection now. But when it's a stranger, and it's meant to insult, i obviously don't.

My post from a few days ago touched on race and segregation in the Muslim community. This is something that has been bothering me for a while, more so these days. I give up on trying to make friends from the community and lately stick to converts. Unfortunately, i can't find any here.

When i go to the desi store, i get stared at and they look the gori up and down. While shopping once right before the wedding, a lady couldn't believe M was marrying a gori and said so - loudly, leaving M and his sister in shock. And then there's the mosque thing where no one wants to talk to the gori. The list could go on and on.

Here's my thing. What has happened to the Ummah where people feel skin color matters so much? I could care less if someone is green. The green person could very well be the nicest or most pious person in there. That's who I'd want to sit next to and talk to. We need to think about race in a way that brings us closer instead of separating us. Staring at a white person or black person that isn't native to the community is rude. We feel the stares. A salaam would be much more islamic and appreciated...
December 16, 2004

So, i have three book reviews to do now. Back to the ole reading for work instead of reading for fun. I want to get one more in before i get back to work though. Also.....i got a few wedding pictures and more are coming! Woo hooOOOOOOO!

Next post...My thoughts on being a gori...
December 15, 2004
Good Feeling

There's nothing better for a writer than to see one's byline in print. I don't think it's really an egotistical thing but to some extent, it probably is. But moreover, it's the feeling of contribution. In this world there is a mass of information and most of us go through life unable to contribute a lot. So when we do, seeing something of ours in print and it saying "Written by....." gives a good feeling. That's the feeling I had today. The mailbox with its typical junk mail, magazine, bills, and then bam, something i wrote. It felt good. Also, this weekend at the bookstore, a book that i reviewed was released in softcover so i picked it up just because and looked at the cover. (Artwork often changes from when a reviewer reads it to print time). There on the back I'm quoted. I was like "wow, i'm quoted on a book". It feels an honor for the reviewer to get in a way a good review. That line when i wrote it was one of those lines where it feels right. Often i don't like what i write, but there will be one line that just does it for me. This was the line. And they requoted it on the book. I thought that was cool. It doesn't have my name, just the publication, but i know. :-) The author had actually thanked me for the review too. I wanted to meet her but i was sick with west nile virus (this was last winter). Anyhooo...that's the good feeling I'm having today. Soon, i'm going to explore the used book stores here...thanks for the inspiration to seek a used book store out Sister Scorpion. I miss them and I'm sure there's a great one here hiding out somewhere. :-)

PS. Today i made the best samosa's i've ever made. These were simply divine.
Totally Useless Stuff to Feed my egotistical desire to talk about myself
Courtesy of Ninhajaba via Sunni Sister

WHAT COLOR ARE YOUR KITCHEN PLATES? White with green, red, and yellow designs around the rim

2. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? Life of Pi, Quran, and Restatement of Islam and Muslims in History

3. WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? It's a black gel one

4. FAVOURITE BOARD GAME? Scrabble or Scattegories

5. FAVORITE MAGAZINE? Azizah, Real Simple, O!


7. LEAST FAVORITE SMELL? that funky smell after cooking greasy desi food



10. LEAST FAVORITE COLOR? That nasty avocado green so popular in the 70's

11. HOW MANY RINGS BEFORE YOU ANSWER THE PHONE? If it is able to ring (often online), depends on which room i'm iin.

12. FUTURE CHILD'S NAME? Zahra or Kahlil (nobody take them or else!)

13. WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT IN LIFE? Being the best person i can be for the sake of Allah.

14. CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA ICE-CREAM? White chocolate with Raspberry swirls (haggen dazz)

15. DO YOU LIKE TO DRIVE FAST? Yes, very much so.


17. STORMS - COOL OR SCARY? Both. Love thunder storms but here they are sometimes very scary. Especially if they are with a hurricane.


19. IF YOU COULD MEET ONE PERSON DEAD OR ALIVE? My sister, but i'd really like to say Allah. But He's not a person. But any of the prophets would be cool too.

20. FAVORITE DRINK? Spicey Chai or water

21. WHAT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY? unimportant. Aug.

22. DO YOU EAT THE STEMS OF BROCCOLI? Not for a while, but Yummmy! With bits of potato in there and califlour. I'm on an okra kick lately though. I have such a good recipe for it.

23. IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY JOB WHAT WOULD IT BE? Novelist or screenwriter. I'd like to be a sheikh too. Yeah, don't laugh but i think it would be cool to have a female ran mosque and i'd love to lead prayers.

24. IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY COLOR HAIR? I'd just like thick auburn hair. Oh wait, my hair is sort of thick hair.

25. IS THE GLASS HALF FULL OR HALF EMPTY? Depends on the day. Today, 3/4 full.

26. FAVORITE MOVIE? Messenger. Amelie. Power of One. Tortilla Soup. I'm sure my real favorite isn't listed but it's too hard to choose sometimes.


28. THE BEACH OR THE MOUNTAINS? I used to think the beach, but being away from my Rocky Mountains, i realize i prefer the mountains. Although living on a cliff above the beach would be pretty rad (lol...trying to bring back the word).

29. WHAT'S UNDER YOUR BED? Nothing. Maybe a jinn or two?


She rocks! Hope to meet her one day!

33. FAVORITE CD. Ouch. that one's hard. Um........right now Ragas and Sagas. Music from pakistan. I love qawwali's. I really like the Bend it Like Beckham soundtrack, and i really like Sarah Brightman, Les Nubians, Rachelle Ferrell, jazz, soulful music.

34. FAVORITE TV SHOWS? movies more than tv, but i like TLC shows occassionally.

35. KETCHUP OR MUSTARD? dijonaise

36. HAMBURGERS OR HOT DOGS? Cheeseburger in paradise...halaal of course. I so miss Carls JR. Western Burger though. Not the bacon, but the fried onion ring with a big slab of meet on top of it, bbq sauce, cheese...drooling.

37. FAVORITE SOFT DRINK? Mango lassi that is in the stores in toronto. Pakola is quite good. I also like Fanta a lot.

39. THE BEST PLACES YOU HAVE EVER BEEN? My husbands eyes and then spending the rest of my life standing next to him. Oh okay, there was an awesome trip to Andalucia. I also liked my solo road trip to Glacier National Park. I thought that was heaven...


41. BURGER KING OR MCDONALD'S? Neither. But if i have to choose, veggie burger at BK. But Mcdonalds fries are better. The best though is Varsity.

42. PERSON MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND? Um, the cool people will. ;-)
December 13, 2004
Hamza Yusuf and good people

I've heard this name over and over and finally looked into what he's all about. Cool stuff. Here's a cool story from my honeymoon. We were walking around the Alhambra and lo and behold there was another Muslim couple. We spoke for a bit and they shared their story of travel plans. They were en route from Austrailia (where they live) to Spain and then from Spain they were going on hajj. So cool to meet them during their spiritual journey. Anyhow, the nice sister gave me a Hamza Yusuf tape. What a sweet gesture that was. This guys lectures are good! He's a convert to Islam which is pretty darn cool too. Anyhow, i wish i would have gotten this couples email address so i could thank them. I mean i thanked them then but it would be nice to be in contact with such nice people.

Here is one link and here is another. Quite impressive! There are many and many of his tapes, etc available. He's an inspiration to me as a convert.

I'm surprised I'm saying convert but lately - since Eid - I've been feeling that that's the group i most belong to. In the beginning i entered Islam with that "there is no race in islam" but that was before i met so many born Muslims. I don't mean this is as a slam to anyone but often, we converts become outsiders because of language, ethnic, cultural issues. Eid for me was being surrounded by a ton of people with no one speaking to me. Anyhoo...before i get off on a tangent i'll close. But this Hamza Yusuf guy is pretty darn cool. Salaams.

Okay, I (taking full responsibility) admit. I love Bollywood. I really like the ABCD movies too but there's nothing like watching Bollywood to make one's head go dead and just laugh for a while. The recent indulgence's have been Kal Ho Naa Ho and Hum Tum. Hum Tum was awesome i thought. The next one is Main Hoon Na. But can i ask...isn't there more than three desi actors/actresses they can use. Sheesh. Anyhow, love them. There's nothing like the moment everyone starts to sing. you watch Bollywood and what's your favorite one?
December 09, 2004

I just finished reading Brick Lane, the first Islamic fiction novel I've read and found it wonderful. It's nice reading a book where the characters are Muslim. Can't explain it, but it's just different. I'm also reading A Restatement of the History of Islam and Muslims which I am finding to be an excellent history of Islam. You can read it online here. I like that it's an unbiased view. In the car I'm listening to The Da Vinci Code. I also just started Life of Pi and find it captivating. I read 50 pages in one sitting. It's that good. I always read one fiction book, one islamic book, and one audiobook at the same time. Probably adult ADD but c'est la vie. What are you reading?
December 07, 2004

How on Earth could i have forgotten to mention how good the coffee was and also the chocolate caliente...all think and syrupy. Sooooo good. We searched for the "con churros" part but never got to try it that way. Next time insh'Allah. I had to mention these two things though. Mmmmm Mmmmm Good! And what they did with my coffee. Oh, it will just never be the same. I thought the French knew how to make a good cup but the Spaniards do it oh so much better. :-)

The whole week was great with meeting and spending time with family. They had four parties for me. Everything was done in the Hyderabad way...

1. Melad (spelling?). First party. It was nice with all the women doing the various things. Tying ribbons on us with charity items. The perfume and stuff. Recitations.

2. Mehndhi - so much fun. I loved the songs the women sung with the drum. And having my hands and feet henna'ed was just awesome. The lady was good. She did most of the women's hands and both my hands and feet. My dad had a good time too and even had a tiny part of his palm henna'ed. Too funny. A lot of people thought he was a Pakistani. A betan (spelling?) from northern Pakistan. He did blend in well. This night was just a blast. And i got the royal treatment. Getting fed etc.

3. Nikka and Nikka party - just awesome. I was so nervous but felt so calm afterwards. The nikka was done at my inlaws house. The sheik that did it was awesome and what's funny is that i read his books on marriage. Too cool. His contract was also the one i used although i didn't know he was doing the nikka. He did a little lecture which was good i think for my Dad (did it in English). I didn't hear everything since i was in the other room with the women but heard most of it. But when he did the dua i felt calm just like one of my friends said i would. All the pent up stress and anxiousness melted away and i just felt happy. The nikka party was great as i got to meet more family and be amongst so many loving and happy family.

4. Walima. Sitting on a platform eating was amusing. Seeing 150 or so people below us made me a bit nervous while eating. lol. It was great though. One of M's family is a famous poet from Pakistan and he wrote us a poem which from the translation i got was just beautiful. He recited it to the group. Pretty cool what he said about me having already been Muslim before marriage. That was a great part of the poem. I can't wait to see his (the authors) translation. I didn't know there was some royalty in the family either. Pretty cool hats they were wearing.

All in all is was great meeting the family (all hundred and fifty of them) and spending time with them. The clothes were awesome too. I was shocked at first. That's a lot of cloth on some of those things and the walima clothes were heavy. I felt like a princess marrying my prince though. The heavy gold and what not. Thank God that night was mostly spent seated. :-) I had fun with the clothes. They arranged them all the Hyderabad way. I like the tikka thing (spelling prob wrong...but the gold ornamental thing hanging on the forehead).

Well that's the cliff notes version...


It was awesome but be forewarned. If you ever go to Spain and are a Muslim, eating is difficult. How these people came to love pork so much is beyond me. It hangs from the ceilings and little tiny skinned pigs sit in the window. For such a religious area you'd think they'd read the Bible and read that pork is forbidden but alas.... There is even one place called Museo de Jamon. Museum of Ham. It was pretty disgusting. We had a hard time eating because if a place served a lot of pork we wouldn't eat there. Ending up eating a lot of schwarma at semi fast food kebab places. Paella was good too though.

Alhambra and the Mezquita were awesome. The Cathedral was depressing. They took such a beautiful mosque and then just plopped Christian and pagan images all over the place. Not to mention the depictions of Christians beheading Muslims and standing on their heads. Other depictions of making the Muslims convert to Christianity. That Isabell was one evil chick. I was talking to a friend from Spain about this. We were discussing how it's odd that Christians have this stuff up in their churches and are considered the peaceful religion and Muslims don't show any of this stuff and we are the violent religion. They have it on their altars. It's pretty sick that they put it in a house of worship. Freaky really. But anyhow, the palaces were way cool. Alhambra blew my mind. I'll post some pictures soon insh'Allah in my picture blog (link to the left top). The caligraphy was so beautiful. All over written "Allah is the only conqueror". There was one part where the king wanted it to say "X is the only conqueror" and the Muslims slyly put in Allah instead of his name. The Muslim part of the palace was just so beautiful. The gardens too. We had an awesome time there. We look forward to going back one day. could i forget the orange and lemon trees everywhere. We were amazed at the abundance of them. The small cities are like orange groves with buildings. So awesome with fresh squeezed orange juice. The date trees were cool too...fully loaded. So cool.

There's so much more to tell but i'll end here....
December 03, 2004

I'm back. Got lots to do so can't do a proper post right now but will say that the last few weeks have been great. The wedding festivities were more than i could ever have asked for. The honeymoon was great and married life is quite wonderful. I will post more soon insh'Allah. Now let me know how you all are. :-)
When you figure it out, tell me.

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