Sister Soljah
November 02, 2004

I was so happy to see that at 10am there were lines all over my neighborhood with people waiting to vote. There's a ton of voting places within five minutes and they all have long lines. This is awesome...and I live in a very democratic neighborhood. I just can't believe the lines. I'm amazed and feel good that people are at least taking the initiative to change things.

The passions are high on both sides but the most important thing to me is the drive of americans and they are actually caring about the future. They say it's the record registration and i'm sure it's going to be the record turnout for voting as well. This is just good. And if Kerry doesn't win well at least we struggled and fought for it. I just pray that I won't have to hear Bush ever speak again. Oh, what joy that will be. That alone would be a huge change. Perhaps the fear and anamosity that he has created will subside and some normalcy will return. That's my two penny's and hope on the whole voting subject.

Other news... fall is beautiful. These leaves changing colors here is so beautiful. I am missing Colorado today as i hear it snowed but it is pretty here right now. I probably will never see snow again on a regular basis. I won't miss scraping the windshield, but i will miss movies and hot chocolate on snowy days and nights.
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