Sister Soljah
November 01, 2004
Voting and Ramadhan update

Voting has me anxious. I can't believe the number of people registered to vote. It's crazy how split everyone is this election. It seems a lot more people are motivated to actually get out there and vote. I just hope it goes the way i want because omg if i have to hear Bush, his Bushisms, and his hatred anymore I'll lose it. We need change. It's sorta funny about the Bin Laden tape...well not funny...he's a psychopath, but it just shows how ineffective Bush has been. This will be the only election that i will have sat there intently watching the numbers and waiting for the results. Other years it really just didn't matter.

Ramadhan has been tough on me. It's my first one so I realize that's part of it but I didn't think it would be this hard. I have such a high metabolism that my legs end up acheing by the end of the day. I am wiped out and spend my days in a sort of trance. It takes some getting used to. Next year will insh'Allah be easier. I was thinking how hard it's going to be in summer months. Fasting from 4am to 9:30pm...omg, talk about sleep deprivation and a serious stuggle against the nafs. Ugh.......i can't even imagine....

What else...that's about it for me. I've been working on some writing projects, looking forward to the wedding, and planning the honeymoon. I'm looking forward to the future with my soon to be hubby. Allah's blessings are so great. Mash'Allah.

Oh....I did go to my first iftar somewhere else. We went to my friends house to break the fast and they fed us a great afghani meal, talked a bit, and had a delicious dessert made with zam zam was a great evening and spent with such a wonderful family...definately a better way to break a fast.
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