Sister Soljah
November 15, 2004
Eid Mubarak

Thanks all for your comments and a late Eid Mubarak to the Muslims. Everyone's comments made sense. When i get back I'll refocus the blog...kinda like what Take3 said. I'll keep much the same but I'm going to keep family life and personal events off. I will insh'Allah share my experience or thoughts on the wedding but will again keep it general. Eat Halal's post made me think that i share a little too much. I'm not worried about men and women talking in the comments as long as it is proper talk and it always has been. The only bad thing in there was a certain Muslim hater who i have permantly blocked (probably accidentally blocked some others but it had to be done). Anyhow, discussion between men and women is not forbidden as long as it is halaal in the Shia school of thought...which is the path i have chosen. I have never seen anything that in Qur'an or even hadith that says men and women are to be so divided. The prophet used to hold classes with women. Men and women often prayed together, etc. Yes, there should be a veil of modesty between us and i hope to do that on the future blog...insh'Allah.

I've made a lot of great people on here...even if it's only in the net world. Insh'Allah i will meet some of you. I love keeping in touch with my friends on here too. I've also met a few great friends who i will be meeting insh'Allah in January. It's been good overall and i don't see a reason to stop, but i will also respect the privacy of my soon to be other half so will leave home life and day to day life private.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Eid Mubarak. Mine was EXCELLENT. Better than i could ever have hoped for...especially the message i came home to. Mash'Allah.

Will write more on my return......
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