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November 15, 2004
Eid Mubarak

Thanks all for your comments and a late Eid Mubarak to the Muslims. Everyone's comments made sense. When i get back I'll refocus the blog...kinda like what Take3 said. I'll keep much the same but I'm going to keep family life and personal events off. I will insh'Allah share my experience or thoughts on the wedding but will again keep it general. Eat Halal's post made me think that i share a little too much. I'm not worried about men and women talking in the comments as long as it is proper talk and it always has been. The only bad thing in there was a certain Muslim hater who i have permantly blocked (probably accidentally blocked some others but it had to be done). Anyhow, discussion between men and women is not forbidden as long as it is halaal in the Shia school of thought...which is the path i have chosen. I have never seen anything that in Qur'an or even hadith that says men and women are to be so divided. The prophet used to hold classes with women. Men and women often prayed together, etc. Yes, there should be a veil of modesty between us and i hope to do that on the future blog...insh'Allah.

I've made a lot of great people on here...even if it's only in the net world. Insh'Allah i will meet some of you. I love keeping in touch with my friends on here too. I've also met a few great friends who i will be meeting insh'Allah in January. It's been good overall and i don't see a reason to stop, but i will also respect the privacy of my soon to be other half so will leave home life and day to day life private.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Eid Mubarak. Mine was EXCELLENT. Better than i could ever have hoped for...especially the message i came home to. Mash'Allah.

Will write more on my return......
November 11, 2004

I'm rethinking things with my blog. Need a new layout that is for certain. Here's a map showing the countries that I've had visitors from thus far. Thanks to Zack (Procrastination on the side bar) for providing the tool. :-)

(not here anymore)

There's more than are listed. I know because i've talked to few sisters from areas that didn't show up on the list but anyhow, i just listed the ones that did catch. But that's a lot of people with an insight to my little life over here and this is in 9 months.

And here's a recent funny search that landed someone on my blog: "scorpion tattoo worn by terrorists" - hmmm...odd.

Rethinking blogging once again. I read eat halal guy's recent post (see sidebar) and i'm mulling over that. Interested in what you guys think about the comment please. And for those who read my blog regularly but don't comment, I'd like to hear what you have to say too.

I started this blog with one intention. I wanted to show non-Muslims that Muslims are just normal breathing living people too. That we aren't so weird. That Muslims as a group don't condone terrorism...etc...etc. But I don't think many non-Muslims read it. If you do, perhaps you are some of the non commenters but regular visitors, please let me know if it's been a good thing or bad. Or email me (email on top of sidebar on the left).

Anyhow, interested to hear the thoughts of my wonderful readers. I, of course, won't be able to respond for a few weeks as I'm heading to unchartered terrority...marriage and family life insh'Allah. Please do duas for us for a successful and blessed marriage and a happy healthy family. We would be most grateful...

Peace be upon you and early (or late depending on when you are reading this) Eid Mubarak to you all.
November 10, 2004

How cute is this? M's neice who is two and a half years old told her teacher how excited she is for her uncle's wedding. LOL. How sweeeeeet is that? Two years old. Mash'Allah. They have all worked so hard putting everything together for us. He, and now me, are so blessed to have such a wonderful family. Mash'Allah.
November 09, 2004

I'm taking some Islamic classes online and am feeling dense after week one of "Reading Quran". The Arabic is so hard. Lesson one is splitting vowels and i can't even figure out the letters once they've become modified. Ughhhhh. Just a little whining. My homework is gonna be saying homework. I have an excuse for not turning it on time though don't I. I'm too old for homework.
How disturbing is this? Fallujah: A rosary hangs off the barrel of a machinegun mounted on a Bradley belonging to the 1st Cavalry Regiment 5th Battalion positioned on the outskirts of Fallujah.
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November 08, 2004
Stuff a week and a half I will be a married woman. It's just crazy. My dad and grandma and mom are all in a little bit of shock really. They've of course been there through the whole process but they know my ways. I have been afraid of marriage for so long and have avoided it for so long that they are shocked that i'm actually going through it this time (long story there). Anyhow, I have found such a wonderful man who will make a wonderful husband (that word is going to take some getting used and a wonderful father (insh'Allah). People keep asking if I'm scared and nervous and of course I am a little bit but not about him, but about me. Whether I will be a good mother and stuff. I pray and pray for it. But that is my fear. He's so good that I have nothing to fear there. I realized that I was right to never have married before. Everyone said I was too picky and that i just need to do it, but I'm glad i've waited. And I'm glad I'm Muslim and marrying a Muslim. Had i gotten married earlier I would probably be stuck either wanting to convert or stuck as a confused Catholic (i was always confused in Christianity). M waited it out too. His parents of course have been frustrated too like mine and wanted to see him married with a family...well mash'Allah, we have found each other and our family's like one another and it seems there are no foreseeable kinks. Mash'Allah. We are nervous but not about each other, just about the big day. One and a half weeks away and we'll fulfill half our deen so soon after the blessed month.

Ramadan has been good. Fasting has been way hard on me. I just have such a high metabolism that i've had problems with it but insh'Allah it'll get better each year. I enjoyed all the extra prayers the other night. I feel so many blessings in my life that it sometimes brings tears to my eyes. Mash'Allah.
November 04, 2004
Politics and Qur'an Reading

I will no longer watch the news or CNN...not until Shrub is gone. I was so sad yesterday and still am today. I feel like we are doomed here. Iran will be next and then they'll reinstate the draft...they'll need to for Iran. They are trying to fill prophecies and fast. I have much much much more to say on the subject but I'm not going to. I'll think of more positive the Qur'an.

I read a few surah's last night and these ayah really struck me:

Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth. The similitude of His light is as a niche wherein is a lamp. The lamp is in a glass. The glass is as it were a shining star, lit from a blessed tree, the olive, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil grows forth (of itself), though fire did not touch it, light upon light. Allah guides unto His light whomsoever He wills; and Allah sets forth the parables for people. Allah is aware of all things. (24:35)

This has always been a favorite verse as it is for a lot of converts...

Do you not see that all those who are in the heavens and the earth, and the birds with their wings outspread (in their flight) celebrate the glory of Allah? Each one knows its own (mode of) prayer and praise. Allah knows whatever they do. (24:41)

OMG...i just read it over and over. Last weekend driving outside the city I had seen a hawk or golden eagle...couldn't quite tell but the wingspan was so wide. I just kept looking up at it and seeing it soar above. This image and this verse are forever linked. No wonder i was in awe...the hawk was doing its "prayer" or celebration of Allah.

Last night i read surahs 21-27. I have a few new favorites. The first and last surah of the Qur'an are all time favorites, but Al Muminun (The Believers) and An Nur (The Light) are right up there. It's funny that when you read the Qur'an at different times how it strikes you different. That is the beauty of this miracle...its ephemeral and for all time.
November 03, 2004
November 02, 2004

I was so happy to see that at 10am there were lines all over my neighborhood with people waiting to vote. There's a ton of voting places within five minutes and they all have long lines. This is awesome...and I live in a very democratic neighborhood. I just can't believe the lines. I'm amazed and feel good that people are at least taking the initiative to change things.

The passions are high on both sides but the most important thing to me is the drive of americans and they are actually caring about the future. They say it's the record registration and i'm sure it's going to be the record turnout for voting as well. This is just good. And if Kerry doesn't win well at least we struggled and fought for it. I just pray that I won't have to hear Bush ever speak again. Oh, what joy that will be. That alone would be a huge change. Perhaps the fear and anamosity that he has created will subside and some normalcy will return. That's my two penny's and hope on the whole voting subject.

Other news... fall is beautiful. These leaves changing colors here is so beautiful. I am missing Colorado today as i hear it snowed but it is pretty here right now. I probably will never see snow again on a regular basis. I won't miss scraping the windshield, but i will miss movies and hot chocolate on snowy days and nights.
November 01, 2004
Give George Bush a brain...

Fun game: Give George Bush a brain game
Voting and Ramadhan update

Voting has me anxious. I can't believe the number of people registered to vote. It's crazy how split everyone is this election. It seems a lot more people are motivated to actually get out there and vote. I just hope it goes the way i want because omg if i have to hear Bush, his Bushisms, and his hatred anymore I'll lose it. We need change. It's sorta funny about the Bin Laden tape...well not funny...he's a psychopath, but it just shows how ineffective Bush has been. This will be the only election that i will have sat there intently watching the numbers and waiting for the results. Other years it really just didn't matter.

Ramadhan has been tough on me. It's my first one so I realize that's part of it but I didn't think it would be this hard. I have such a high metabolism that my legs end up acheing by the end of the day. I am wiped out and spend my days in a sort of trance. It takes some getting used to. Next year will insh'Allah be easier. I was thinking how hard it's going to be in summer months. Fasting from 4am to 9:30pm...omg, talk about sleep deprivation and a serious stuggle against the nafs. Ugh.......i can't even imagine....

What else...that's about it for me. I've been working on some writing projects, looking forward to the wedding, and planning the honeymoon. I'm looking forward to the future with my soon to be hubby. Allah's blessings are so great. Mash'Allah.

Oh....I did go to my first iftar somewhere else. We went to my friends house to break the fast and they fed us a great afghani meal, talked a bit, and had a delicious dessert made with zam zam was a great evening and spent with such a wonderful family...definately a better way to break a fast.
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