Sister Soljah
October 26, 2004

Read Qur'an this morning. I'm enjoying reading Qur'an after Fajr. I usually read in the afternoon but for Ramadan I've been reading after fajr. Today was Surah Ta Ha.

Verse 132 had a long commentary that i liked a lot.

Here is the verse: Enjoin prayer (salat) on your followers, and adhere steadily to it. We do not ask you to provide (subsistence), (it is) We who give you subsistence; and the (good of) the hereafter is for those who safeguard themselves against evil with full awareness of divine laws.

And here are some highlights from the commentary:

The "daily prayers schedule" is like a fountain of clean water right in your home which removes, five times a day, dirt that settles on your body and soul.

Imam Ali said: Beware! Pray salat regularly. To grow intimacy with Allah pray as much as possible. If one knows how many blessings are bestowed upon the pray-er during the time of praying the salat, one would not leave the prayer-mat at all. Dispel the darkness of the doubtful heart by the light of prayers."

There was a lot more than that but these parts really got to me....thought i'd share.....

I do like how prayer is our subsistence. It's not for Allah as much as it is for us. We need it. It is the way we get closer to Him. Without it, we disregard our religion and can no longer be called Muslim as we no longer submit to Him, the foundation of our religion and faith. He doesn't need anything. He has no needs. We are the ones. Sometimes when in a rush, we pray faster than we should. What's the point of that? The point of prayer is gone if we don't pour our heart into it since no one would benefit from it without that purity.
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