Sister Soljah
October 06, 2004
Insh'Allah, Arabic and other stuff

Okay, obviously I'm more tired than usual, or maybe I'm just more Muslim than usual, but today while talking with a future employer I actually said "As salaam alaikum" and when she said "what?" I said, "Um, hi" and then later i said "insh'Allah" and again she said "what was that?" I said, "Oh, yes, hopefully." She already knows I'm Muslim but those little things have made it into my daily speech with non-Muslims and it's driving me crazy. One time with my dad, i said said "Khuda Hafiz" and more than once i've said "insh'Allah" to the non-understanding. I still think it would be funny if i went around and gave the english equivalents to muslims and non-muslims alike. I could go to the mosque and say "Peace be upon you" and watch them not know how to respond. I mean, it means the same thing, so why do i say it in arabic. Insh'Allah too. I can just say "God willing." So why do we converts/reverts use the arabic or urdu or farsi or whatever words instead of the english ones? To fit in? To feel Muslim? Although arabic and islam have no relation except for the glorious Qur'an being revealed in arabic. But really, that was only done so they would understand what was being said. It makes me laugh when people say arabic is the only language for muslims and that arabs are the only true muslims. I've actually been told that by arabs and it makes me laugh. I often respond with "only because you guys were the biggest sinners and Allah had to send a prophet to you, in your language, so you could understand and not sin anymore." They don't like it but then i don't like their arrogance so feel the need to give them a hard time. It's mostly out of jest. I'm NOT saying ALL Arabs just to be clear, just the arrogant ones. Don't mean to offend anyone, i'm just saying, the arabic language itself isn't islamic except for the Qur'an so saying "God willing" is the same as "insh'Allah" yet hardly anyone ever says "God willing." Okay, i guess i should have titled this post "One Big Tangent" since that is what it was. Peace be upon you...God willing. Jeez, i crack myself up.
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