Sister Soljah
October 14, 2004
Good Day

Yesterday i caught up on a lot of things and today was nice. Cloudy cool day so i went to Whole Foods, had a nice fish and potato lunch then went next door to Borders and got a spicy chai...they called it spicy hai chai...kinda funny. Anyhow, I took notes for the Spain trip and got lost in the pages and places. I'm so excited now. Everything is happening right now. Important things in life. My first Ramadan begins tomorrow, marriage, the trip to Spain. Life is exciting. All in one year...and not to forget converting and moving. Big life changes in one year is a bit crazy but it's been great. Insh'Allah next will be owning a home and raising a family. Mash'Allah, life is good.

Here's a memory. I was looking through hotels in Spain and came across convents and i remembered when i was in a small town in France. I stayed at a convent near a perfumerie. Crazy little town by the Grand Canyon du Verdon. In the morning the nuns wake you up to come down for prayer and breakfast. They were so happy that i was staying with them so they kept kissing and hugging me. It was really funny and seeing all the nuns running around in their habits was too cute. What's cool about them too is that a lot of them don't charge...they ask for a donation, not bad when you are travelling and they often give you breakfast too. I liked staying at them when and i always felt real safe. When you give them $25 (that's what i did), they are delighted to have helped you out.

Anyway, today was a good relaxing day. Time to get back to work though. I just got assigned a 3,000 word article and another longish one and also a 225 page book to review. I have to read the book and review it by Monday-ish. i'm off to work. Salaam and Happy Ramadan! Have a blessed month.
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