Sister Soljah
October 04, 2004
Exhausted and whiney

I have been working non stop today. Here's my day:

1) Laundry/housecleaning
2) Cooked a huge lunch (Balti Chicken in a Saffron Sauce, Dahl, and Okra Fry).
3) Research/Writing for about 8 hours now.

I just finished a book review last week and that put me behind on everything else. Now I am working on two very different articles, both due Friday and still so much to do for them as well as get tickets for the wedding, get tickets for the honeymoon, plan the honeymoon, finish the gift registry stuff, complain about the neighbors again, and a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff. Looking at my blog and how sparse it is hit me as strange. Usually it's full from top to bottom, but these days, it's just empty. I also want to read Shadows of the Pomegranate Tree before the honeymoon since it's about Muslims in Andalusia and that's where we are going. I haven't read Qur'an for 3 days now and that bugs me. Just whining a little bit before I fall asleep right here in my chair which I would do if my neighbors weren't so loud. I'm at their mercy. If they go to bed early, I can too. If they don't, then I'm up until they go to bed. Obnoxious people. I can't wait till they move or I move.

PS. I posted a few pics to my picture blog a few weeks ago...from Chattanooga.
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