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October 05, 2004
Another exciting fun filled day...

Here's today:
1) Went to the library to print some stuff off. (too long of line so left)
2) Went to the other library to print stuff off and got distracted by an email and forgot stuff there.
3) Interviewed lady for article i'm doing.
4) Prayed, ate, etc.
5) Went to mall and fixed registry problems.
6) Went to store to get tandoori naan and veggies.
7) Went to halaal market to load up on meat.
8) Cooked and ate dinner (excellent dinner by the way. I think this was one of the best Pakistani dishes ever....LOVED it...spicey tomato based sauce with curry leaves, spices and chicken cooked until tender - OMG, it was good.) Talked to M for a little while.
9) Checked mail, paid bills, cleaned up some.
10)Realized although i've been busy all day with stuff, I haven't gotten any work done and it is almost 9 at night.
11)Stressed about to write some stuff.

Got offered a few more freelance writing jobs for various places today but I think i'm in overload right now. Just got another book to review too. Ugh. I haven't even touched the internet today so my theory of that being my time-sucker was wrong. Menial tasks are the problem. I used to say I would never want a maid because it just isn't normal to me. M talks about Pakistan and how they had servants and it sounds so.....odd. But lately, I'm thinking it makes sense especially when i have a family. I will still want to cook cause i love to cook. But the rest can be done by others so i can be a better wife and mother to my future (insh'Allah) kids as well as have some time to myself. Okay, off to writing and getting some of it done tonight. Oh, I also saw a house for sale that i loved, absolutely loved, good price, and good location.

Tahira: I'm sending those pictures of my nephew to you now. :-) Can't wait to have some time to get out to your neck of the woods again. I miss you and your family. Insh'Allah soon I'll get out there.

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