Sister Soljah
October 12, 2004
Ah... I can breathe again.

I have nothing due for a few weeks. Perhaps that's because i haven't checked the mailbox and seen the books in there for me to review. Tomorrow I'll check perhaps. So now i'm going to plan a honeymoon, read the qur'an and read a book for fun. Here's something I wanted to blog the other day but didn't have time....


I have to go there often and well I usually hate it. I stand there waiting and watch soldiers go by in their spic and span clean uniforms and think: "Yeah, arrogant blah blah blah. Where's all the blood? Left it back in Iraq eh?" I don't say anything but standing there listening to some of them talk about the good they are how they don't shoot people, they let the Iraqi police do that. Whatever. The Iraqi police are just like the Americans. They don't care about the Iraqi's as a people. It just turns my stomach hearing these kids talk. Puts me in a sour mood but i keep my mouth shut....

and then something good will be soon at the airport and i'm happy... here's some images that linger in my mind from the last few times i was there in the last 30 days or so...

- A cute little boy (3-4 yrs old) impatiently waiting for someone (?) and we are all waiting waiting waiting behind the security line. An old couple comes up the escalor and at the speed of light, this kid rips past the line and runs for them jumping on his grandpa with eyes beaming and smile just glowing. Such happiness. Did i mention the skullcaps?

- Two 4-5 year old boys holding peach roses alongside their dad who has a whole bouquet. The mom/wife comes and the longest ever airport kiss took place.

- Just the other day. A thirysomething chinese lady waiting. An older chinese couple (obviously her parents and from English and seem completely lost in the airport). They look around anxiously for their daughter. The daughter is waving at them to let them know where she is. Finally, she crosses the barrier and walks to them so they can see. When the mom spots her daughter, she beams and says something in Chinese but obviously affectionate and with such a high tone letting out a little excited yelp.

Mash'Allah. What i realized is that there is so much hate, racism, religionism, violence, etc. but there is also a lot of love. I think back about the soldiers and give them the benefit of the doubt. I don't know what they are thinking. Maybe they are regretting joining the military, maybe some are finding God and maybe even Islam, maybe some really hate the war, and then there are the others, but since I'm thinking positive i won't think about that, i'll just pray for them.

Salaam/Peace to you all.
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