Sister Soljah
September 27, 2004

Ever since i converted good things have happened to me. Lately, even more good things are happening. Besides having minor (read as serious) disagreements with people who don't like the fact that I am a Muslim or those Muslims that think I have chosen the wrong path within that path, I have met some really great people. Lately, I seem to get attacked by a lot of "wahabi types" that find me deserving of the hellfire. Anyhow, I'm not going to rail on any Muslim group because well I'm just a measly person and have no authority over anyone. BUT, I'm tired of it. I get exhausted from battling lies and what not. What is happening to the Ummah? It makes me sick. That is all I'm saying on that. Allahu Alim.

So...the good news... I've been offered another writing assignment. This one for more money too. What's up with this? Two writing jobs in a month. One Islamic and one regular? Allah's blessings? Yes, I do think so. Therefore, for those who think I'm on the wrong path and headed for hellfire seem to be wrong. For Allah is blessing me daily. These are my recent blessings:

1. A wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful...okay you get the I am marrying a great man. He is one of the most intelligent men i've met, he's religious, he's very fair in the way he treats people and he treats me like a queen. Did I mention how wonderful he is? Well he truly is. M; You are!
2. The deen. This is the best blessing of need to explain.
3. My dreams/goals being realized. I've always wanted to write full time and lately, writing jobs just seem to fall in my lap and I don't even have to chase them. Prayers answered. Thanks to those who do duas for me. Alhamdulillah.
4. The people I've met. There's too many to list. But the people in my life (whether virtual or in person) are truly a great blessing. I've never had so many great people in my life. I love you all.
5. Wonderful, fantastic, generous, loving, caring, wonderful inlaws. The family I'm marrying into are so wonderful. From the parents to the aunts, from his brother and sister to his neice and nephew. They are a wonderful group of people and I'm so blessed to get them. I can't wait to meet the rest insh'Allah in November.

There are so many more blessings to list. Personal ones that i don't care to share.

But for those people (and they know who they are) that think I'm heading towards hellfire. I tend to think Allah disagrees. So there.
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