Sister Soljah
September 13, 2004
Windy day today. I think the hurricane is headed this way. Sure does look and feel that way. This one will be worse for us I'm sure. Yucky stuff. Weird how we can already feel it coming.

Busy weekend this weekend - trying to figure out all the wedding stuff.

Talked to my brother this weekend and found out some shocking news. He's voting for BUSH!!! UGH!!! My own brother! Like religion, politics is something he won't talk to me about. We disagree always but still Bush!!!! How can anyone with a conscious do such a thing?

I need to finish the book I'm reviewing and then start the article i'm writing and then also do the review for that book. I need to read a book for fun soon! I also need to get reservations set for Spain. We have so much to do. Sucks with my computer gone...can't wait to get it back. This half hour a day thing sucks.

Made samosa's last night for the first time and they were delicious (took a while to figure out the whole spring roll pastry thing and how to make them work but did). They were so good. Had it with leftover Keema and Dahl. Mmmmmm. I'm getting the hang of desi food. This week will be butter chicken and some other dish that i can't remember the name of.

Am becoming a Georgian more and more each day. I got my emissions today to get GA license plates. Wah. While there, there was a young guy from Colorado going to school here and we had a nice conversation. It was nice to chat about Colorado and how people here just don't get some things. We both agreed that living in Georgia is sure to make your IQ go down. Truly, it does.

That's it for me. Library time is about to expire.
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