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September 07, 2004
Watched Lagaan Friday which is one of the best Bollywood films I've seen yet. Loved it!

Saturday night M and I went to Jashan-E-Azadi Celebrations Festival (Pakistan Indepence dilly ma bob). Amusing. Both of us were stared at for different reasons. M says I was getting stared at because I was so pretty. Awww...sweet. But he's biased - I'm thinking it was probably for being white, in a shalwar khameez, Muslim, and attending a Pakistani Independence Day Celebration and we don't know why Mehdi was being stared at. We had fun anyway, especially while making fun of Alamgir. (sidenote to M's sister: "I took a picture just for you...te he he." I did find a nice shalwar too comparatively.

The rest of the weekend was spent in Chattanooga. We had planned to go to the coast but with the hurricanes, we had to change plans. Cancelled the hotel reservations Saturday and headed to Tennessee. Ruby Falls was cool. There's a waterfall inside the mountain and all along the way there are different caverns and things to see of various formations. The Tennessee Aquarium is by far the best one I've been too. We had so much fun in there. And I've decided that seahorses are the cutest little things. Throughout I could only think of how amazing God is. To create all of this is just unfathomable when you think about it.

M makes fun of me because I always say "you guys" etc when referring to Atlantans, Georgians, and other Southern folk. I refuse to be a part of it. I don't care if I've lived here for 4 months already. I'm a Midwestern or Western girl. I call Oregon and Colorado home but I am stubborn about calling Georgia home. Anyhow, this weekend, I became one of them and I can't deny it. I actually said "all'a y'all". God help me. I really did say it and in the right context. You see, y'all is for a small group...two or three and all'a y'all is for a large group. I used it correctly and without thought so it is official. I've become one of them. My Dad also says i have a southern drawl now. Great.

Still dealing with Hurricane Frances so I'm making this short, but if y'all ever go to Tennessee, y'all have to go to the Tennessee Aquarium. It's awesome.
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