Sister Soljah
September 14, 2004
This bites. The library isn't letting me respond to comments and i can't even see all of them. Ugh. The hurricane is coming anyhow so none of us will probably have electricity in a few days. I'm reading and wanting to respond.

I will get online some other way today and comment.

The news of the day. While standing in line trying to get license plates (didn't happen)...a cop was behind me in line and kept trying to cut in front of me. I wouldn't let him. He complained about the way the line was working so I said "Well, most of the things you guys do down South don't make sense. For instance, the way people drive here" and I blocked him from skipping ahead again. He was getting frustrated so then he tried flirting. Oh dear me. We all know that didn't work and for sure stopped all his chances of skipping ahead.

I'm off to see Tahira today for some girltalk. Yay! Pray for us in the hurricane.

(I can only see part of your guys' comments today but here's responses to the parts i can see...insh'Allah my computer will be back home soon.)

Masooma: This will be my first full fast. I used to fast one day a week for 24 hours plus without food but never from liquid so that's going to be hard for me. It'll be hard but it'll be good for me. :-) I'm afraid Bush is going to win too. :-( My own brother! Ugh!

Syed: Yeah, this library thing sucks. The counter is at 3 minutes...must type

Semajj: Tell me about it!

M: :-( This is going to be bad then cause if it's going to be here Wednesday that means it's speeding up again. I need to go buy candles, batteries and water for sure. Anything else you think?
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