Sister Soljah
September 20, 2004
So the hurricane weather was pretty crazy. Electricity went out as predicted. I spent all of Thursday and much of Friday inside with nothing to do. Read a lot of the Qur'an Thursday with the little light from the windows until my eyes ached... Six hours of bad lighting and small print will leave you crosseyed. It was strangely peaceful with the heavy rain and strong winds. I was scared though too. Once the electricity was gone, it was just eerie and then the phone went and then my cell phone went and that isn't a good feeling.

Later, M came by and we went for a drive around the neighborhood to see what the problem was and well trees had smashed cars and pulled out of the ground and tossed aside like weeds. Branches and debris all over the neighborhood. There still is. Crazy stuff. And this is nothing compared to the gulf coast and florida. I don't know how they keep on living there. I'm glad M made it home okay that day as the tree that smashed a few cars and killed a person is a block away and if he had left fifteen minutes earlier, it could have been him.

The weekend was uneventful. Cooked, watched movies, read some. I'm turning into quite the desi cook. We went geocaching one day too but only found 2. It's not as much fun as it was in Colorado. There's just too many trees here. We had fun in Jonesboro though...wandering around the historic town that inspired Gone With the Wind, one of my favorite movies and written, filmed, etc all in Georgia. It was a fun day.

Had a great brunch at the Iranian restaurant with another American convert and her two teenage sons. Great people. If I didn't know better, I'd have thought she was Iranian. She's got the look, speaks the language fluently, etc. What a great job she's done with her sons. Great kids. Mash'Allah. I will be looking her up for advice in the future for sure. Just great people that I'm glad I was able to meet. We spent a good 3 hours at the restaurant just getting to know each other.

What else? I have lots of work to get done this week. That power outage threw me off my schedule. I have a book to read and review this week, an article to write for the magazine, and travel plans to secure and finalize. I also need to cook some. M's out of town this and next week and then i'm out of town next week so it'll be all work and no play.
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