Sister Soljah
September 22, 2004

I'm so sick of this mentality. Here's some thoughts lately. I haven't spoken about politics for a while...perhaps it's because i've been avoiding them to get over a bout of pessimism. Yusuf Islam is being deported for "possible involvement with terrorist groups". Doesn't it seem like being Muslim equals terrorism involvement these days? And what is up with letting two Americans and a Briton get beheaded because the US/Iraqi police (come on...they are one in the same aren't they. I wish they'd quit pretending like they are seperate entities...they are one in the same). It reminds me of being at the airport a few weeks ago and having to listen to a military kid report what "it's really like in Iraq and how the US has done so much good." I had to restrain myself from going over to him and telling him to unbury his head from the sand. All the militants want is for the women to be released. That's the most noble request these guys have had and i respect them for it. Protect the women as islam demands. I do understand that these are higher up women in Saddams cabinet but come on. Let 3 guys get beheaded and keep women in the position to get abused, raped, and demeaned? Come on! One more thing. John Kerry. He's got to get his stuff together and try to win this thing. I don't like him at all but i prefer him to Bush. He needs to show what Bush has done and what a failure Bush is and attack him. It' the only way. He needs to up the ante. Show the US how he was a drunken failure in college, a terrible military man, a failing businessman, a dictator of a president and that he has done no good in his entire life. It wouldn't hurt to smear him some...the guy deserves it. Bush is increasing in numbers and Kerry's got to stop that. I pray that people get out and vote and get rid of the loser in the White House.
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