Sister Soljah
September 23, 2004

With my computer being gone I learned a few important things. One is that I just may have a slight addiction to the internet and therefore am going to try and limit my usage each day which will make me pickier on how i spend my internet time and allow me to combat the slight addiction. The second thing is i procrastinate without the internet as much as i do with it. Hmmmm. Maybe time is the cure. I also don't pay as much attention to the news as i did online and I actually think that's a good thing. I focused more on the Qur'an and Allah's plan over man's folly's.

Anyhow, after my sabbatical, I've come back to the internet and found some great new blogs that I've recently linked. I love reading Pakistani bloggers blogs because in a little way, I feel I learn something about M, him being from Pakistan. I have also caught up on my recent favorite blog: Eat Halal Guy's Blog. If you haven't checked out, do! It's a wonderful read. I read it everytime it's updated. I particularly like his innocence and the religious stories he shares as well as his being a Maulana and also being in Toronto...the city I wish to live in. His blog is very worthy! I've also found My War's Blog which is the only soldier's blog I've enjoyed reading. It's a cache of his original blog. Apparently the military censored him. Anyhow, I don't agree with much of what he says or how he expresses him (bad language) but his voice is great and i'm sure he'll get a book deal out of it and quite honestly, I'd probably read that too. Get past the recent stuff and look at the archives and check it out.

I've also spent a good amount of time reading. I've been reading back issues of Azizah magazine, short stories by Muslims including Michael Muhammed Knight who wrote this book and have recently thought that the "My War" guy would probably like reading Michael Knight's book as they both have the punk background and some good Dawah could occur.... Just my thoughts of course but I'm toying with the idea of passing that onto both of them or maybe someone less shy will do it for me. :-)

I am almost finished with the book i'm reviewing. It's my third in a month and a half. That's a lot of reading since i have also read two other books and many other articles, magazines, etc. My eyes are burning these days and it feels like there are bruises inside them. Insh'Allah i will finish the book i'm reviewing today. It's excellent. He's very cerebral and often i like those types of writers because it's amazing to me how they do it as i write in the complete opposite way. Oh, and I conducted my first interview for an article...made me so nervous but really wasn't so bad.

By the way, I'm so HAPPY to have my computer back. I am a little suspicious of it all...thinking the feds have something to do with it. I hope they have finally left me alone for good realizing that I'm just a muslimah trying to make her way in the world and not harm anyone in the process.

For those of you I haven't talked to in a while...i look forward to seeing you on MSN once again and for the friends I've made on my sabatical, i look forward to adding you. :-)

Oh! And a few funny searches that led people to my blog:"weird and strange hadith" and "dua to stop annoying neighbors". I would love a dua to stop annoying neighbors if there is one out there. My God, mine are obnoxious. They drive me so crazy that I'm worried about how i'm going to deal with them during Ramadan. Ugh.

Salaams and duas....
Best regards from NY!
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