Sister Soljah
September 01, 2004
Good stuff

The biryani, dahl, and okra turned out good. The dahl should have been a little runnier and the saffron should have been more dissolved for the biryani but overall it was a pretty good meal.

I also have some good news. There's a few muslim/desi magazines here - i separate the two because well they are definately separate - and one of them - the muslim one - has asked me for an interview to write for them. I'm excited about that. So please make duas for me next week regarding this. It would actually be paid writing. I need a job so i can pay off my student loans and help my parents out so please do make dua. I have the other writing gigs that are freelance but this one would be permanant.

I've been reading a lot lately. I just finished Majalis al-ilm (finally) and Fast of Ramadhan: Philosophy & Ahkam. And now I'm starting these (the Ramadhan ones). I've also been reading the Qur'an a lot. I am trying to stick to the Qur'an more than other stuff because when i read hadith I don't like what i read. When I read the Qur'an I feel good during and after. I am excited about Ramadhan. I used to be excited about Lent but, it's a different excitement about Ramadhan because it's not just fasting, but lots of extra prayer and stuff.

I walked in the park in the evening last night and had a strange feeling that God was trying to tell me something but I wasn't understanding what he was saying. Anyhow, there's a swinging bench overlooking the large pond and then a swarm of trees and then the skyline of Midtown. It's a very nice view and definately great at sunset. I will take a picture sometime and share it. I had lots of thoughts sitting there on the bench but these ones I'm gonna keep to myself.
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