Sister Soljah
September 07, 2004
Hurricane Frances

Sheesh! Crazy stuff. Last night was the first time in my adult life I was scared during the night. All night long I couldn't sleep with Hurricane Frances finishing off her spree here in Atlanta. Outside my window there was the sound of buckets of rain, rushing water, wind, lightening, things falling, the sound of power going out (which is what scared me the most - that electricity hitting water sound) and then sirens. Got up for fajr and lit a bunch of candles, prayed and then slept some since i didn't sleep all night and since the electricity was still gone. Electricity just came on but they say it can go off again because the storm isn't over yet. A huge tree is what caused the problems over here. I'll post a picture soon... It's still raining buckets. There's still half a million people without electricity and they probably won't have it for a couple days says the news since the storm is still plowing through Georgia. I can't even imagine what Florida went through. Eek.

Anyhow, that's my update. I will post later about the great weekend in Chattanooga TN and how I've truly become a southerner (if the electricity stays on). :-)
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