Sister Soljah
September 02, 2004
Another good day

I went and saw Tahira yester-evening. Took the "alpharetta autobahn"(see definition below) as her family live about an hour from me and listened to Azhar Usman's comedy on the way. It was nice being out there where it's quiet and relaxed, unlike the city. She had made a yummy Afghani lunch...salad and then an eggplant dish (very good). Then her mom made us tea but when she asked how i liked it, i said with milk and sugar and they all started laughing. I asked "what?" and they said "That's just the Pakistani way." I guess I've officially been trained to be a Paki-clone. Eek. Lol.

Anyhow, it was nice having girl talk. It's been so long since I just hung out and had good girl talk. It was much needed and a long time coming. She showed me pictures of Pakistan and also Afghanistan when the Taliban was in control. The pictures are crazy with all the Burqa-ed women. Some lifted their burqa's up for the photos. I would love to go to Pakistan one day to see where and how M grew up. Insh'Allah one day we'll go.

Then we went and prayed. This was a first for me. Not praying, but what happened during prayers. Mehdi, who is 2 1/2 years old, is a bit hyper. Cute as a button, but hyper and well while i was prostrating, he would bend over and then look up at me and laugh. And then he would take the Turbah. I couldn't help but laugh because he was too cute and obnoxious. I guess this is how it will be as a mother, inshallah. Kind of cute really. And Allah has a sense of humor right?

I came home and looked up shalwar khameez sites because i want to order some. Can one of you desi girls explain the difference between the materials: georgette, lawn, grip, etc. I know silk of course and cotton, but what are these others? I found a few i want to order but don't know which material to get. I don't like the paper mache feeling ones that stick to you. It's way to hot and humid here for that. I want breathable. Please let me know in comments or via email. :-)

Then I watched Whale Rider. A very good movie about a the Maori or look at this website. Interesting story and people.

[Alpharetta Autobahn: Georgia 400, which runs from Buckhead to North Georgia cities like Alpharetta, Roswell and Cumming, earns this title because of the high speeds that motorists drive on this toll road. (and this is no joke...a hundred mph is the norm)]
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