Sister Soljah
September 30, 2004

I am 7,146.56 miles or 11,498.82 Km from Mecca. It sounds so far, how can it seem so close?
September 29, 2004
Eid Mabaruk!

May the deliverance of Mahdi be soon... Some hadith from Mahdi:

"Allah has not created the creations as futile & in vain & has not let them go aimless and purposeless."

"And indeed I am the safety & security for the people of the earth."

"And pray much for the quickness of deliverance for that is your (own) deliverance."

"I am Al-Mahdi and I am the still-living one who will establish justice throughout the world the same as it has been filled with oppression. Surely the earth will never remain without a witness, and people will not live in lack of a leader. Thus, do not retell this deposite except for your (Muslim) brothers who are Men of God."
September 28, 2004
Bushism: "I think it's important for those of us in a position of responsibility to be firm in sharing our experiences, to understand that the babies out of wedlock is a very difficult chore for mom and baby alike...I believe we ought to say there is a different alternative than the culture that is proposed by people like Miss [Naomi] Wolf in society...And, you know, hopefully, condoms will work, but it hasn't worked." - Meet the Press; November 21, 1999 (If you can make sense of that, please let me know what he is

Interesting article: Yvonne Ridley: From captive to convert

Hadith of the day: It may be that a man commits wrong actions, and Allah will bring him to Paradise by his wrong actions. He was asked how would this be. He replied, `he commits wrong actions, but all the time he fears Allah and hates himself, so that Allah has mercy on him and allows him into paradise. - Imam Sadiq

Ayah: Verily, the righteous, will be placed amid gardens and fountains. 'Enter therein with peace, in security.' And We shall remove whatever of rancour may be in their breasts so that they will be as brothers seated on thrones, facing one another; Fatigue shall not touch them, nor shall they ever be ejected therefrom. Tell My servants, O Prophet, that I am surely, All-Forgiving, All-Merciful. (Qur'an 15:45-50)
September 27, 2004

Ever since i converted good things have happened to me. Lately, even more good things are happening. Besides having minor (read as serious) disagreements with people who don't like the fact that I am a Muslim or those Muslims that think I have chosen the wrong path within that path, I have met some really great people. Lately, I seem to get attacked by a lot of "wahabi types" that find me deserving of the hellfire. Anyhow, I'm not going to rail on any Muslim group because well I'm just a measly person and have no authority over anyone. BUT, I'm tired of it. I get exhausted from battling lies and what not. What is happening to the Ummah? It makes me sick. That is all I'm saying on that. Allahu Alim.

So...the good news... I've been offered another writing assignment. This one for more money too. What's up with this? Two writing jobs in a month. One Islamic and one regular? Allah's blessings? Yes, I do think so. Therefore, for those who think I'm on the wrong path and headed for hellfire seem to be wrong. For Allah is blessing me daily. These are my recent blessings:

1. A wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful...okay you get the I am marrying a great man. He is one of the most intelligent men i've met, he's religious, he's very fair in the way he treats people and he treats me like a queen. Did I mention how wonderful he is? Well he truly is. M; You are!
2. The deen. This is the best blessing of need to explain.
3. My dreams/goals being realized. I've always wanted to write full time and lately, writing jobs just seem to fall in my lap and I don't even have to chase them. Prayers answered. Thanks to those who do duas for me. Alhamdulillah.
4. The people I've met. There's too many to list. But the people in my life (whether virtual or in person) are truly a great blessing. I've never had so many great people in my life. I love you all.
5. Wonderful, fantastic, generous, loving, caring, wonderful inlaws. The family I'm marrying into are so wonderful. From the parents to the aunts, from his brother and sister to his neice and nephew. They are a wonderful group of people and I'm so blessed to get them. I can't wait to meet the rest insh'Allah in November.

There are so many more blessings to list. Personal ones that i don't care to share.

But for those people (and they know who they are) that think I'm heading towards hellfire. I tend to think Allah disagrees. So there.
September 24, 2004
"Wisdom is the table, not bread or meat. Wisdom is the light, food for the soul. No nutriment can compare to the nourishment of light. Nothing can nourish the soul but light. Rid yourself of material needs and be set free. Taste the original victual, the dainty morsel of light."

(Rumi, "Mathnawi")
My reading and thinking spot close to home. I like how it's all nature out there with mankind/buildings in the distance. I feel good here. Detached from society and close to God. I've read many a book in this spot. :-) Posted by Hello
September 23, 2004
Good News!

Okay...this has to be one of the funniest searches for getting to my blog: "what was thomas Jefferson looking at when he permantly damaged his hand". How did that get the person to my blog? Have i ever even written thomas jefferson? I got a good laugh out of it anyhow. :-)

All right and for the GOOD news: I am an aunt... again. My nephew was born this afternoon at 1:31 MST. Let's welcome him into the world and make duas for him. I can't wait to see him. It really makes me to want to have my own too. I wish I were there right now to see him. I was thinking of Colorado today because summer is giving into fall and it's so perfect here but Colorado in the fall is so beautiful...colorful trees, the mountains capped with snow... I miss it. But I can't wait to go back and see my new nephew and those Colorado Rockies and also so some geocaching ( with Masooma. Insh'Allah soon.

With my computer being gone I learned a few important things. One is that I just may have a slight addiction to the internet and therefore am going to try and limit my usage each day which will make me pickier on how i spend my internet time and allow me to combat the slight addiction. The second thing is i procrastinate without the internet as much as i do with it. Hmmmm. Maybe time is the cure. I also don't pay as much attention to the news as i did online and I actually think that's a good thing. I focused more on the Qur'an and Allah's plan over man's folly's.

Anyhow, after my sabbatical, I've come back to the internet and found some great new blogs that I've recently linked. I love reading Pakistani bloggers blogs because in a little way, I feel I learn something about M, him being from Pakistan. I have also caught up on my recent favorite blog: Eat Halal Guy's Blog. If you haven't checked out, do! It's a wonderful read. I read it everytime it's updated. I particularly like his innocence and the religious stories he shares as well as his being a Maulana and also being in Toronto...the city I wish to live in. His blog is very worthy! I've also found My War's Blog which is the only soldier's blog I've enjoyed reading. It's a cache of his original blog. Apparently the military censored him. Anyhow, I don't agree with much of what he says or how he expresses him (bad language) but his voice is great and i'm sure he'll get a book deal out of it and quite honestly, I'd probably read that too. Get past the recent stuff and look at the archives and check it out.

I've also spent a good amount of time reading. I've been reading back issues of Azizah magazine, short stories by Muslims including Michael Muhammed Knight who wrote this book and have recently thought that the "My War" guy would probably like reading Michael Knight's book as they both have the punk background and some good Dawah could occur.... Just my thoughts of course but I'm toying with the idea of passing that onto both of them or maybe someone less shy will do it for me. :-)

I am almost finished with the book i'm reviewing. It's my third in a month and a half. That's a lot of reading since i have also read two other books and many other articles, magazines, etc. My eyes are burning these days and it feels like there are bruises inside them. Insh'Allah i will finish the book i'm reviewing today. It's excellent. He's very cerebral and often i like those types of writers because it's amazing to me how they do it as i write in the complete opposite way. Oh, and I conducted my first interview for an article...made me so nervous but really wasn't so bad.

By the way, I'm so HAPPY to have my computer back. I am a little suspicious of it all...thinking the feds have something to do with it. I hope they have finally left me alone for good realizing that I'm just a muslimah trying to make her way in the world and not harm anyone in the process.

For those of you I haven't talked to in a while...i look forward to seeing you on MSN once again and for the friends I've made on my sabatical, i look forward to adding you. :-)

Oh! And a few funny searches that led people to my blog:"weird and strange hadith" and "dua to stop annoying neighbors". I would love a dua to stop annoying neighbors if there is one out there. My God, mine are obnoxious. They drive me so crazy that I'm worried about how i'm going to deal with them during Ramadan. Ugh.

Salaams and duas....
September 22, 2004

I'm so sick of this mentality. Here's some thoughts lately. I haven't spoken about politics for a while...perhaps it's because i've been avoiding them to get over a bout of pessimism. Yusuf Islam is being deported for "possible involvement with terrorist groups". Doesn't it seem like being Muslim equals terrorism involvement these days? And what is up with letting two Americans and a Briton get beheaded because the US/Iraqi police (come on...they are one in the same aren't they. I wish they'd quit pretending like they are seperate entities...they are one in the same). It reminds me of being at the airport a few weeks ago and having to listen to a military kid report what "it's really like in Iraq and how the US has done so much good." I had to restrain myself from going over to him and telling him to unbury his head from the sand. All the militants want is for the women to be released. That's the most noble request these guys have had and i respect them for it. Protect the women as islam demands. I do understand that these are higher up women in Saddams cabinet but come on. Let 3 guys get beheaded and keep women in the position to get abused, raped, and demeaned? Come on! One more thing. John Kerry. He's got to get his stuff together and try to win this thing. I don't like him at all but i prefer him to Bush. He needs to show what Bush has done and what a failure Bush is and attack him. It' the only way. He needs to up the ante. Show the US how he was a drunken failure in college, a terrible military man, a failing businessman, a dictator of a president and that he has done no good in his entire life. It wouldn't hurt to smear him some...the guy deserves it. Bush is increasing in numbers and Kerry's got to stop that. I pray that people get out and vote and get rid of the loser in the White House.
September 20, 2004

While reading the Qur'an in the storm, it was ironic that much of what i was reading was about storms (a lot in 11, 12 and 13), trees being uprooted (14:26), etc, often for punishment, other times for relief. It is strange to read the Qur'an in a storm as it feels all too real (the punishment)...and living here, the sinful south, I have to wonder if God is real mad at Florida (a Bush runs that state btw), etc. Are these hurricanes God's wrath?

On a happier note, this ayat was so beautiful and hopeful: "But those who believe and work righteousness will be admitted to Gardens beneath which rivers flow, - to dwell therin forever with the leave of their Lord. Their greeting therin will be "Peace!" 14:23
So the hurricane weather was pretty crazy. Electricity went out as predicted. I spent all of Thursday and much of Friday inside with nothing to do. Read a lot of the Qur'an Thursday with the little light from the windows until my eyes ached... Six hours of bad lighting and small print will leave you crosseyed. It was strangely peaceful with the heavy rain and strong winds. I was scared though too. Once the electricity was gone, it was just eerie and then the phone went and then my cell phone went and that isn't a good feeling.

Later, M came by and we went for a drive around the neighborhood to see what the problem was and well trees had smashed cars and pulled out of the ground and tossed aside like weeds. Branches and debris all over the neighborhood. There still is. Crazy stuff. And this is nothing compared to the gulf coast and florida. I don't know how they keep on living there. I'm glad M made it home okay that day as the tree that smashed a few cars and killed a person is a block away and if he had left fifteen minutes earlier, it could have been him.

The weekend was uneventful. Cooked, watched movies, read some. I'm turning into quite the desi cook. We went geocaching one day too but only found 2. It's not as much fun as it was in Colorado. There's just too many trees here. We had fun in Jonesboro though...wandering around the historic town that inspired Gone With the Wind, one of my favorite movies and written, filmed, etc all in Georgia. It was a fun day.

Had a great brunch at the Iranian restaurant with another American convert and her two teenage sons. Great people. If I didn't know better, I'd have thought she was Iranian. She's got the look, speaks the language fluently, etc. What a great job she's done with her sons. Great kids. Mash'Allah. I will be looking her up for advice in the future for sure. Just great people that I'm glad I was able to meet. We spent a good 3 hours at the restaurant just getting to know each other.

What else? I have lots of work to get done this week. That power outage threw me off my schedule. I have a book to read and review this week, an article to write for the magazine, and travel plans to secure and finalize. I also need to cook some. M's out of town this and next week and then i'm out of town next week so it'll be all work and no play.
September 15, 2004

This library thing is not fun. There are some strange people coming in here and some don't smell so good and some make funny sounds so I'm making my visit fast today... Had fun yesterday with is all work and no play. Hurricane will be for the next few days... Hopefully the electricity won't go out so i can at least watch movies or something.

Bushism of the day: "I know how hard it is for you to put food on your family."
and : "I must confess. It did confuse some of the folks at the Crawford, Texas, coffee shop when I was traveling around the country with Theodore Kennedy."
September 14, 2004
This bites. The library isn't letting me respond to comments and i can't even see all of them. Ugh. The hurricane is coming anyhow so none of us will probably have electricity in a few days. I'm reading and wanting to respond.

I will get online some other way today and comment.

The news of the day. While standing in line trying to get license plates (didn't happen)...a cop was behind me in line and kept trying to cut in front of me. I wouldn't let him. He complained about the way the line was working so I said "Well, most of the things you guys do down South don't make sense. For instance, the way people drive here" and I blocked him from skipping ahead again. He was getting frustrated so then he tried flirting. Oh dear me. We all know that didn't work and for sure stopped all his chances of skipping ahead.

I'm off to see Tahira today for some girltalk. Yay! Pray for us in the hurricane.

(I can only see part of your guys' comments today but here's responses to the parts i can see...insh'Allah my computer will be back home soon.)

Masooma: This will be my first full fast. I used to fast one day a week for 24 hours plus without food but never from liquid so that's going to be hard for me. It'll be hard but it'll be good for me. :-) I'm afraid Bush is going to win too. :-( My own brother! Ugh!

Syed: Yeah, this library thing sucks. The counter is at 3 minutes...must type

Semajj: Tell me about it!

M: :-( This is going to be bad then cause if it's going to be here Wednesday that means it's speeding up again. I need to go buy candles, batteries and water for sure. Anything else you think?
September 13, 2004
Windy day today. I think the hurricane is headed this way. Sure does look and feel that way. This one will be worse for us I'm sure. Yucky stuff. Weird how we can already feel it coming.

Busy weekend this weekend - trying to figure out all the wedding stuff.

Talked to my brother this weekend and found out some shocking news. He's voting for BUSH!!! UGH!!! My own brother! Like religion, politics is something he won't talk to me about. We disagree always but still Bush!!!! How can anyone with a conscious do such a thing?

I need to finish the book I'm reviewing and then start the article i'm writing and then also do the review for that book. I need to read a book for fun soon! I also need to get reservations set for Spain. We have so much to do. Sucks with my computer gone...can't wait to get it back. This half hour a day thing sucks.

Made samosa's last night for the first time and they were delicious (took a while to figure out the whole spring roll pastry thing and how to make them work but did). They were so good. Had it with leftover Keema and Dahl. Mmmmmm. I'm getting the hang of desi food. This week will be butter chicken and some other dish that i can't remember the name of.

Am becoming a Georgian more and more each day. I got my emissions today to get GA license plates. Wah. While there, there was a young guy from Colorado going to school here and we had a nice conversation. It was nice to chat about Colorado and how people here just don't get some things. We both agreed that living in Georgia is sure to make your IQ go down. Truly, it does.

That's it for me. Library time is about to expire.
September 10, 2004
Have a great weekend everyone! I am at the library right now and I'm bad. They have books for sale and I bought the four that were anti-Islam, pro-Israel and put them where they belong. In the trash. Oh I feel so wrong and bad throwing books away. That's a form of banning books. I'll try not to make a habit of it. But if people read the wrong stuff. I have no excuse... I will try not to do it again but I think that the dollar was well spent for four books in the trash.

I bought a few good ones too...the good Islamic ones and a nice one called Oneness: Great Principles Shared By All Religions. I'm sure throwing away books is not in there. Anyhow....
September 09, 2004
Writing Contract

I had the meeting today with that Muslim magazine and I've got a contract to write for them along with some other stuff. So thanks to those who made dua and pray that I do okay. This will be my first time writing feature articles. I've also got an in for reviewing Islamic books. I'm very excited and happy today. Woo hOOOOOOOO!

Now pray i do well.

Oh, did i mention, had I called her back a day earlier, I would have had a free ticket to ISNA convention? I would have had to work a booth, but dang that would have been cool. I really wanted to go this year. Insh'Allah next year if I don't have a baby in the belly says she. :-)
This is from Islamicate's blog and a nice juxtaposition if you ask me:

Dick Cheney on Kerry and al-Qaeda: (Apparently they can be that crass.)

"It's absolutely essential that eight weeks from today, on Nov. 2, we make the right choice, because if we make the wrong choice then the danger is that we'll get hit again and we'll be hit in a way that will be devastating from the standpoint of the United States"

Al-Qaeda on Bush:

A statement from al-Qaeda following the Madrid bombings clarified this intent [to organize Muslims worldwide]. It said the organization hoped George Bush would win reelection, "because he acts with force rather than wisdom or shrewdness, and it is his religious fanaticism that will rouse our (Islamic) nation, as has been shown. Being targeted by an enemy is what will wake us from our slumber." Quoted on the Arabic news Web site "Bayaan lil qa'ida yuhhammal tawqi' kataib abu hafss al massri," March 17, 2004.
Please say this will hurt Bush's numbers!

Memos: Bush Suspended From Guard Flying

This whole election is driving me crazy. I have my own personal wishes for how it all turns out and it doesn't include Bush, Kerry, or even Nader. More on that later perhaps.

I've dropped my computer off at the doctor for a week or two but I will be online at the library and post stuff and respond to email but if my responses are slow, that is why. I'm limited to 30 minutes a day. God help me. Please do dua's for my darling computer. She's got mother problems. Her biological mother (motherboard), not me.
September 08, 2004
I've never not felt like blogging but today I don't feel like it. What's up with that?
September 07, 2004
Watched Lagaan Friday which is one of the best Bollywood films I've seen yet. Loved it!

Saturday night M and I went to Jashan-E-Azadi Celebrations Festival (Pakistan Indepence dilly ma bob). Amusing. Both of us were stared at for different reasons. M says I was getting stared at because I was so pretty. Awww...sweet. But he's biased - I'm thinking it was probably for being white, in a shalwar khameez, Muslim, and attending a Pakistani Independence Day Celebration and we don't know why Mehdi was being stared at. We had fun anyway, especially while making fun of Alamgir. (sidenote to M's sister: "I took a picture just for you...te he he." I did find a nice shalwar too comparatively.

The rest of the weekend was spent in Chattanooga. We had planned to go to the coast but with the hurricanes, we had to change plans. Cancelled the hotel reservations Saturday and headed to Tennessee. Ruby Falls was cool. There's a waterfall inside the mountain and all along the way there are different caverns and things to see of various formations. The Tennessee Aquarium is by far the best one I've been too. We had so much fun in there. And I've decided that seahorses are the cutest little things. Throughout I could only think of how amazing God is. To create all of this is just unfathomable when you think about it.

M makes fun of me because I always say "you guys" etc when referring to Atlantans, Georgians, and other Southern folk. I refuse to be a part of it. I don't care if I've lived here for 4 months already. I'm a Midwestern or Western girl. I call Oregon and Colorado home but I am stubborn about calling Georgia home. Anyhow, this weekend, I became one of them and I can't deny it. I actually said "all'a y'all". God help me. I really did say it and in the right context. You see, y'all is for a small group...two or three and all'a y'all is for a large group. I used it correctly and without thought so it is official. I've become one of them. My Dad also says i have a southern drawl now. Great.

Still dealing with Hurricane Frances so I'm making this short, but if y'all ever go to Tennessee, y'all have to go to the Tennessee Aquarium. It's awesome.
Why my electricity went out... Look at the size of the trees. This is in the city of Atlanta, not the burbs. Flooding is everywhere too. Crazy stuff. Posted by Hello
Hurricane Frances

Sheesh! Crazy stuff. Last night was the first time in my adult life I was scared during the night. All night long I couldn't sleep with Hurricane Frances finishing off her spree here in Atlanta. Outside my window there was the sound of buckets of rain, rushing water, wind, lightening, things falling, the sound of power going out (which is what scared me the most - that electricity hitting water sound) and then sirens. Got up for fajr and lit a bunch of candles, prayed and then slept some since i didn't sleep all night and since the electricity was still gone. Electricity just came on but they say it can go off again because the storm isn't over yet. A huge tree is what caused the problems over here. I'll post a picture soon... It's still raining buckets. There's still half a million people without electricity and they probably won't have it for a couple days says the news since the storm is still plowing through Georgia. I can't even imagine what Florida went through. Eek.

Anyhow, that's my update. I will post later about the great weekend in Chattanooga TN and how I've truly become a southerner (if the electricity stays on). :-)
September 03, 2004
I love this picture! Posted by Hello
A little bit of this, and a little bit of that - odds and ends of my brain today

Some things I have recently found that I enjoy tremendously:
*Breadshop's "Mocha Almond Crunch" cereal. If you ever try this, you will never eat another cereal again. It is just the best. Once you add milk to the cereal it turns all mocha-y. Mmmmm.
*Maple Creme Filled cookies from Canada. Oh my gosh...these cookies shaped like little maple leaves and filled with real maple syrup creme filling are just the best.
*Pakola...a Pakistani ice cream soda. Refreshing and delightful.

Recent things I've seen outdoors that amused me:
* Bumper sticker: "Enron/Halliburton 2004" - LOL
* Stop sign where someone had written "Bush" under the STOP and recently, someone added "u can't" above the stop equaling "u can't stop Bush". I wonder if it will be changed again next week.

Recent irritations:
*Bush and Kerry- Bush - Go to He**. Kerry - Follow him. I'm sick to death of both of you. Sheesh, I can't stand either of these putz's. Both are equally irritating. Both of their voices sound like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. I'm not going to be able to stand either of them in office. Get me outta here!
* 9/11. Can I just say "get over it people."
* The monthly warnings for 3 years now saying that America is at risk for a terrorist attack. We've had hundreds of warnings and no action. If there is ever an attack, we know you won't protect us from it so quit warning us about nothing. Ugh. This is my biggest irritation. It's like they are trying to hypnotize us to be afraid. Is this Hitler round deux?
* Vietnam was over 25 years ago...we aren't voting for who acted best in Vietnam so quit talking about it.
* Kerry saying: "I defended this country as a young man, and I'll defend this country as president." Mr. Kerry - Vietnam, like Iraq, wasn't a defensive war. It was offensive. You didn't defend anything.
* The newest Israeli joke: "What do you call one Palestinian in the sea? Pollution. What do you call 2 million Palestinians in the sea? The solution." What hatred and sickness.

Odd searches that recently led people to this blog (unfortunately for them):
"desi sexy nude shalwar"(yup, they sure didn't find what they were looking for), "Soljah sin" (eek), and the most amusing - "are there rednecks in helen georgia?" - omg, this made me laugh. Yes, it's the South. Of course there are rednecks.

Have a great weekend everyone! I was planning on going to Savannah but well there's a hurricane there so guess not.

Bushism of the day:
* "I'm gonna talk about the ideal world, Chris. I've read - I understand reality. If you're asking me as the president, would I understand reality, I do."
September 02, 2004
Another good day

I went and saw Tahira yester-evening. Took the "alpharetta autobahn"(see definition below) as her family live about an hour from me and listened to Azhar Usman's comedy on the way. It was nice being out there where it's quiet and relaxed, unlike the city. She had made a yummy Afghani lunch...salad and then an eggplant dish (very good). Then her mom made us tea but when she asked how i liked it, i said with milk and sugar and they all started laughing. I asked "what?" and they said "That's just the Pakistani way." I guess I've officially been trained to be a Paki-clone. Eek. Lol.

Anyhow, it was nice having girl talk. It's been so long since I just hung out and had good girl talk. It was much needed and a long time coming. She showed me pictures of Pakistan and also Afghanistan when the Taliban was in control. The pictures are crazy with all the Burqa-ed women. Some lifted their burqa's up for the photos. I would love to go to Pakistan one day to see where and how M grew up. Insh'Allah one day we'll go.

Then we went and prayed. This was a first for me. Not praying, but what happened during prayers. Mehdi, who is 2 1/2 years old, is a bit hyper. Cute as a button, but hyper and well while i was prostrating, he would bend over and then look up at me and laugh. And then he would take the Turbah. I couldn't help but laugh because he was too cute and obnoxious. I guess this is how it will be as a mother, inshallah. Kind of cute really. And Allah has a sense of humor right?

I came home and looked up shalwar khameez sites because i want to order some. Can one of you desi girls explain the difference between the materials: georgette, lawn, grip, etc. I know silk of course and cotton, but what are these others? I found a few i want to order but don't know which material to get. I don't like the paper mache feeling ones that stick to you. It's way to hot and humid here for that. I want breathable. Please let me know in comments or via email. :-)

Then I watched Whale Rider. A very good movie about a the Maori or look at this website. Interesting story and people.

[Alpharetta Autobahn: Georgia 400, which runs from Buckhead to North Georgia cities like Alpharetta, Roswell and Cumming, earns this title because of the high speeds that motorists drive on this toll road. (and this is no joke...a hundred mph is the norm)]
September 01, 2004
Good stuff

The biryani, dahl, and okra turned out good. The dahl should have been a little runnier and the saffron should have been more dissolved for the biryani but overall it was a pretty good meal.

I also have some good news. There's a few muslim/desi magazines here - i separate the two because well they are definately separate - and one of them - the muslim one - has asked me for an interview to write for them. I'm excited about that. So please make duas for me next week regarding this. It would actually be paid writing. I need a job so i can pay off my student loans and help my parents out so please do make dua. I have the other writing gigs that are freelance but this one would be permanant.

I've been reading a lot lately. I just finished Majalis al-ilm (finally) and Fast of Ramadhan: Philosophy & Ahkam. And now I'm starting these (the Ramadhan ones). I've also been reading the Qur'an a lot. I am trying to stick to the Qur'an more than other stuff because when i read hadith I don't like what i read. When I read the Qur'an I feel good during and after. I am excited about Ramadhan. I used to be excited about Lent but, it's a different excitement about Ramadhan because it's not just fasting, but lots of extra prayer and stuff.

I walked in the park in the evening last night and had a strange feeling that God was trying to tell me something but I wasn't understanding what he was saying. Anyhow, there's a swinging bench overlooking the large pond and then a swarm of trees and then the skyline of Midtown. It's a very nice view and definately great at sunset. I will take a picture sometime and share it. I had lots of thoughts sitting there on the bench but these ones I'm gonna keep to myself.
When you figure it out, tell me.

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