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August 02, 2004
What a great weekend!

So we didn't make it to Muslim Day as Helen was further than we thought but Mashalla - what a great weekend. We went to Helen, Georgia (link in previous post) and had a picnic lunch with an Afghani family from the Mosque and some of their friends. What wonderful, kind people. I look forward to our next outing. They brought a bunch of homemade food. The Afghani family's story is interesting. They were refugees and all the kids were born in refugee camps in various countries (Iran, Pakistan, US). It's amazing to see such a wonderful family.

After chatting and eating we went tubing down the Chattahoochee. Now mind you, this was the first time I went tubing after converting and let me say this - tubing fully clothed (although the jeans were heavy after getting wet) is just as much fun as it was in a bathing suit all those years ago. What a blast. Went down the 'hooch for two hours just drifting along with occassional exciting drops. I really liked the houses along there and also when we got to the town area how restaurants had live music playing (songs about Georgia and the South). Too much fun. The rednecks were odd characters... confederate flags proudly displayed on their clothing and how they would stop in the deep parts for beers and smokes. I never realized how disgusting smoking looks. It was a nice realization and I am so glad that I quit. It's been over 2 months now.

After tubing, we went back to the picnic area (along the river where the above picture was taken). After, a flash rainstorm (typical of Georgia for the sky to just fall out for fifteen minutes and then clear back up) we had tea and some more food then hung out for a while. Afterwards, M and I went to see the nearby waterfall (below) and drove through the Alpine Bavarian town. Very cute and we'll be back to do some of the other stuff another day insh'Allah like put put golf which is cool since the whole town (including a Wendy's) is done Bavarian style.

A few amusing things on the way: A big pink elephant wearing glasses (see pic), a trailer carrying a basket with what looked like easter eggs, the country baptist churches with revival signs...the most amusing being "Soul Food Saturdays" with a big revival sign. There was also a mailbox with the ten commandments tacked on to it. It's the Southern Bible Belt for sure. Nice drive though and nice day. How wonderful to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with such company.

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