Sister Soljah
August 04, 2004
Turning 31

So, in exactly one week I'll be 31. That's sad. Someone recently passed this quote on to me and nothing could be truer. David Letterman said 20 years ago, "Turning 30 didn't mean anything, but when I turned 31, I realized it was an irreversible trend."

Getting ready to head out of town for the weekend. :-) Yay! Going to go to Myrtle Beach SC and also Charleston SC. Summer has gone by way too fast and I've spent way too much of it locked inside so I'm really looking forward to going to the beach. It will help me forget my looming birthday.

Then when I get back I'm going to apply for some jobs at some Muslim magazines here that someone passed on to me. I've also got a lead for a freelance writing company so I may do that as well. We'll see what Allah has in store for me. I need to finish these two book reviews also. One has been holding me back because I'm giving it a bad review. The other is getting an excellent review. I don't like writing bad ones. :-( But it's the job - to be objective.

Bushism of the day: "Reading is the basics for all learning." - Announcing his "Reading First," initiative; Reston, VA; March 28, 2000

Hadith of the Day: "Do not make anyone your enemy although you may guess and think that he will not harm you and do not shirk and avoid anyone's friendship even though you may think he will not benefit you." (Bihar Ul Anwar VOL 78, Page 160)
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