Sister Soljah
August 24, 2004

I've been reading about Ramadan and what's expected of us during that time as this is my first Ramadan. I'm so excited and am hoping it will renew my strength and faith again and purify me a bit as things were when i first converted. Those days when i couldn't wait for the next prayer time. When I loved turning my face to Kab'ah. When i didn't question things, when i just embraced it all. When I didn't argue with hadith, or imams, or this or that. When i just knew in all my heart and soul that i was Muslim and I loved praying to Allah. That's what I'm hoping to get out of Ramadan. High expectations? Yes. Realistic? Probably not. Hopeful? Yes.

Neighbors are not out of town...and they are stomping around as usual making work and concentration a thing to be desired. Why must people be so rude after you politely ask them not to be? How am I supposed to purify myself when I'm so frustrated with their noise and banging around. Ugh.

I've already started trying to not talk as much and concentrate on other things for Ramadan. I went to digests on all the groups i'm a part of. That way I'm less inclined to comment. I visit the blogs of my friends still and a few people on Naseeb and keep up with my emails but in general I'm trying to express opinions less. I'm tired of bickering and backbiting too. Childish play and very unproductive.

I'm halfway through the Qur'an and the two commentaries I'm reading along with it and hope to be done by Ramadan (no rushing though) so I can start again from the beginning.
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