Sister Soljah
August 23, 2004

Girl - you so totally completely rock! I got your package today. You so completely rock! Those scarves are awesome. They are my new favorites and I will wear them until they are in shreds. You so rock. What desert country did you find those in? I love them and the material is so great for hot weather. You so ROCK! And a handwritten letter and a post card?!? I'm so spoiled. You made my entire week. :-) I loves ya! (self portrait in one coming soon to a theatre near you)

Okay, blessed days seem to be few and far between and today is one of them for these reasons:

1. see above
2. I went to the library and they had such cool stuff today. I got the movie Blackboards by Samira Makhmalbaf, a movie I've wanted to see FOREVER. I'm a big fan of her Dad's work. Blockbuster only has it in VHS so i've been waiting and waiting. AND they also had a DVD on Andalucia AND the Bourne Supremacy on tape (got that for M for his long commutes).
3. My obnoxiously loud and annoying upstairs neighbors are gone for what looks like the whole week. I'm actually going to be able to live in peace and quiet for a short time. They drive me up a wall and this is truly a blessing.

The only bad thing of the week is that M is out of town and I hate that. I miss our evening walks and chats and just looking into his soft brown eyes over dinner. :-( I miss you. Don't let those border agents harass you and if they do, well they are gonna have to deal with me (tough girl face).

Okay, enough of the mush. Dinner time.
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