Sister Soljah
August 30, 2004

Good and fun weekend. M came home Friday (yay) so we spent a lot of time together this weekend which was nice. Saturday we went shopping which is always fun. Right? Sunday we went desi shopping and house looking and had a great Iranian meal. We went to Solar and had the Sunday brunch buffet. It was sooo awesome and filling. It's the best halaal restaurant here for sure. Kabobs, lamb shanks, all kinds of stuff.

We like to drive through various neighborhoods to see the houses, neighborhood, and price. This weekend we found a great area with great houses. Unfortunately, the houses also came with great big prices. We went to one open house and the house was huge and fun to wander through. Not a bad price either.

After that we went desi shopping at a new desi strip mall that we hadn't known about. Everytime you think you've went to all the desi strip malls there's always another. We got some yummy snacks - see the above picture. And also some fresh squeezed sugarcane juice. Good stuff.

Then we went to the desi market. Got a bunch of stuff for biryani and stuff. (Making it right now...harder than it looks - timewise mostly - but looking good.)

Funny moments:

* When looking for Gulab Jamun ingredients, don't ask for Gulab Julab because well that has a completely different meaning, but it will make the person you are asking laugh out loud at you. (Smile... guilty as charged.)

* While looking at the medicinal or beauty products I saw Krack and said "I want to get some of this Krack." M says, "No, that's not good Krack. You don't know what they put into it. I will find you some good Krack." This conversation causing us both to Krack up laughing.

(sidenote: what's up with that "Fair and Lovely" stuff that turns brown skin white. Eek. That's scary. Brown is more lovely than fair anyhow but I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.)

(another sidenote: Isn't it great how thousands and thousands are marching all across New York for the weekend and next few days? But here's my thing. How arrogant is Bush to even keep running? I mean, with thousands protesting in any city he enters, doesn't he get the feeling that he's not liked? Even if some do, I would feel ashamed and bothered if people actually protested my arrival in a city. What a loser and what an arrogant arse. I really don't think he gets it. But kudos to all those in NYC. Wish I were there to feel the energy.)

Okay, off to finish the biryani and other stuff I'm cooking up today. M is going out of town this afternoon again (sad face) so i figured I'd send him off in style- with a great meal. Insh'Allah it will all turn out as it is my first time cooking any of these dishes. I'm using his kitchen and gonna surprise him. Perhaps i'll post another food picture like last time.

Happy Monday everyone! Enjoy your week! Salaams from the South.
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