Sister Soljah
August 23, 2004
Pomegranates and Blood Oranges

These are by far my favorite two fruits and I have been waiting months for blood oranges to be in season again - it will be any day now. I can't wait! Pomegranates and sugar cane too remind me of my youth. My dad raised me so it was always me and him peas and carrots if you will....and i remember my dad opening my first pomegranate for me and seeing all those lovely red seeds in there and then telling me it was a lot of work but worth every little bit. Sugar Canes were my treat while grocery shopping - thinking back i think it was just to keep me quiet and occupied. Dunno...but pure sugar cane is awesome - quite bitter really. Blood oranges became my favorite last year during Muharram (first time i tried them) ...the way they turn your fingers all red. I guess I like fruit that turns your fingers red (although watermelon is also good). Now - how boring of a post was that?
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