Sister Soljah
August 25, 2004
Kids Books

So, this is going to sound silly... I've read every Islamic kids book the library has...most of them on Ramadan. I wanted to read them because I have been thinking about writing a kids book series and then begging my soon to be mother in law to illustrate them. I think it would be fun and cool. My fiance's mom wrote and illustrated one and I saw it and it gave me the idea. How cool would that be. Anyway, so I was reading them to see the styles and also to learn (yeah, that's my reading level ha ha). I found some interesting ones though like "Iblis" and "And the Earth Trembled" - look them up on amazon if ya want. They are interesting because they combine all the monotheistic religions in one book making it seem very strange. It has a Muslim and Christian theme with a Jewish illustrator. Interesting though. Oddly enough, God is drawn, which I found disturbing. It was the typical Michelangelo style...God with curly hear and gray beard. Another interesting book, although not Islamic, the boy was actually Christian is the story of a Pakistani carpet boy sold into slavery and is a true story. This book was well done and the style I think I'd like to do mine in. Check out the story of Iqbal Masih here and also here. His story is all too common. And if you are willing, there's a whole slew of places to donate money to help out with this cause. This kid wanted to build schools so the kids would have a chance to be productive people and end child slavery.
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