Sister Soljah
August 23, 2004
  Imam Ali Mosque
Imam Ali Mosque

So the fighting continues and worsens. I feel selfish. I haven't said much on here about how I feel about the possible destruction of one of Islam's oldest and most sacred mosques. I feel selfish because I want to visit it one day and I'd like my children (insh'Allah) to visit it one day. Selfish thoughts, but truthful. I love history that can be seen and that is what the shrine is to me. I have other feelings about the situation but as they are not white and black and fall more in the gray area, I'll leave them out. Sadr, in my opinion is a complex individual and what he is doing is a complex situation that really doesn't have any simple answers or solutions so for once I'm staying out of dialogue about him. I do hope the mosque can stand up to the fighting - God willing.
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