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August 16, 2004
The good and bad of the weekend
The Bad: The weekend started off slow and icky but got better by the end. I was a bit down because my Dad still hadn't called me for my birthday so I knew he forgot it the second year in a row. C'est la vie eh? I was a bit hurt, and then I got bad news from my brother too so I was in a funk for a portion of the weekend. Began looking at houses since we know it's going to take a while and want one once we are married but it seems an impossible task to get the right area with the right price. Frustrating.

The Good: Went to a small park a little out of town and had fun walking around the lake trying to find a geocache that we never did find but hung out on the bridge for a little bit looking into the and tons and tons of turtles. I have never seen that many turtles in their natural environment before. Too cute. And then Sunday we went to Sweetwater Creek State Park. We went canoeing, well actually a bit bigger than a canoe with oars, which um i guess makes it a boat. So we went boating around the lake area which was quite fun. Drank a yummy Ting, one of my favorite beverages, and just had fun talking and rowing. Then we drove around the park and did a hike and one geocache on the hike which led to an old burned down mill. The mill was 5 stories high and the tallest building in the whole state, even Atlanta, in 1860. A great hike. One thing about Sweetwater Creek...that water ain't sweet. Yuck. Polluted I think. Very cool area though. Sad that they wiped the Indians out here (Cherokees) - but then that's our history of occupation. I tend to think of Native Indians and America like Israel and Palestine - just without a current struggle.

Saw a few good movies this weekend. Saw Last of the Sumarai which was just as good as I thought it would be. Loved it. Also saw Scorched which was funny and since I love bank robbery movies i especially liked it. When I was a little girl I wanted to rob banks - thought it would fun. Yeah, it passed...well sort of. ;-)

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I'm coming up with at the moment.
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