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August 09, 2004
Charleston and Myrtle Beach

What a great weekend getaway. We drove to North Myrtle Beach and spent most of the day there hanging out on the beach and just relaxing. Perfect weather as the mini-hurricane they just had left it cool. Perfect and relaxing. Read a bit and lounged. Then we played in the water a bit. Afterwards, we walked the pier and well leaned on it looking over the water and lo and behold, there was a bunch of sharks swimming around. Not dinky little sharks either...huge...some were six feet and some nine feet. All of this about 50-100 feet where people are swimming. Whew...scary. I will post some pictures. We then went to the main Myrtle Beach (there are strands...the north strand, south strand, and the grand strand) and looked around then the North Strand since we stayed in the South one. One thing to note, this is the putt putt golf capital of the world! Tons of high tech well developed putt putt places. We didn't get a chance to partake time insh'Allah.

From there we drove to Charleston. WOW! What a great town! We both love history (another reason we are a perfect match) so we both loved this city (M has been here a lot for first time). There is so much history all around. We got there in the late afternoon, prayed and then took off to explore.

Sidenote: My face looked like a tomato...i didn't use sunscreen and eyes on a tomato is what i looked like. The sun is different there at Myrtle Beach...whoa.

We walked around the old houses and wharf while no one was around which was nice. We peeked into the gardens of mansions admiring the interiors. So incredible these houses were. We ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp...a spin off of Forrest Gump. :-) This (the South), btw, is Gumpland. I actually have pictures of where the movie was filmed in Savannah...cute. :-) Awesome dinner. We shared all our meals so we wouldn't leave anything on the plate (didn''t want waste)...anyhow, we ate cajun shrimp for an appetizer and New Orleans Shrimp (shrimp gumbo basically) for the meal and an awesome 4-berry cobbler. Mmmm. The restaurant was themed well and unique - not cheesy - and the food was excellent. Loved it. We wandered around some more and read the history plaques in the dark. Kind of a nice way to do it.

These houses make mansions look small...unbelievable in their grandeur. It was at one point the richest city in America.

The next day we took a carriage ride around the old houses and learned their history and architecture from a great guide. He loved his city, grew up there and learned from his grandpa too, and was majoring in history and architecture - fun stuff. The history is interesting here and it's awesome how the French, the Spanish, the Brittish, Indians and pirates couldn't seige the city in over 500 hundred days. It's a city full of history and charm. A wonderful day and weekend.

We walked around some more then headed back to Georgia. South Carolina is a great state. I really liked it there. The sad part is driving along the highways along the plantations and knowing how many slaves were put to work here. One plantation had over 1,000. Sad stuff. Next time we go to Charleston we will probably tour some plantations and slave houses...and some of the things we didn't do this time.

This is when I love the South. There is so much history here and it's fun to explore. I'm a happy Southerner today. :-) BTW, I just got my GA license since mine expires on my birthday in a couple days (did it on the way out of town - not a fun experience).

About the pictures: Wedding Cake House or the Tiffany House: A woman was married and her bridal gift was $70,000 (about 2.5 million back then) and a note saying "build any house you'd like and she had this one built to look like her wedding cake. This house has amazing features including a 2 million dollar chandlier, crystal windows, etc. Simply amazing. It's a bed and breakfast now (kids not allowed). The chimney looks like the Arch d' Triumph because Paris was her favorite city (see the chinney on my picture blog). The other picture was just one of the small houses that i liked. More pictures can be found on my picture blog: Picture Blog
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