Sister Soljah
August 17, 2004
Book Reviewing

I finished two book reviews today. One I gave a stellar review too as the book was excellent. The other I trashed - i had to. I feel sorta bad because as a writer myself when the time comes for me to publish a book (insh'Allah), I will want a good review, but this book was annoying from beginning to end. The problem with these things is that you don't want to trash a book if it's because you personally don't like it. It has to merit trashing. And since you are reading the book months before it is even published, there are no other opinions to go by. It is all on you so once you decide to trash a book, all other reviewers may give it a great review and you feel like a sap for trashing the guy or vice versa. It's pressure (and power)...but tough sometimes. Another bad thing is that authors read all reviews from major papers and i've even heard back from some authors thanking me for the kind review etc, so i know the guy is going to read it. Ugh. He's gonna hate me.
I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you! » » »
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