Sister Soljah
July 28, 2004
You may not always get what you want but you get what you need...

Lately it seems my prayers are getting answered very fast and good things are just happening to me. I'm not even going to question it, but it's like I have speed dial to God lately. I pray for something and it happens the next day. Prayers and Allah are kind of like the Rolling Stones song (from above title) and we don't always get all of our prayers answered exactly as we'd like, but we get what we need. For example, I was praying to meet people here in my new city and boom, it is just happening. Like today for example, a girl I had never spoken to called me out of the blue (she was told to contact me) and we now have plans for next week and she wants to introduce me to some other Muslims and she also wants to give me contacts for two magazines here that could use my writing. Wow. Double bonus. Also, I have plans for this Friday and Saturday with two girls from the mosque. Mashalla, Allah gives us what we need.

And a funny little tidbit from the weekend. We were driving around looking for ice and didn't find any...then, M, being overprotective as he is, asked me to pull over for gas because i was less than a quarter of a tank (i tend to not fill up until the warning light comes on) so grudgingly i pouted then gave in and and pulled into the next gas station. I was very thirsty so i walked towards the entrance to go get a drink when i saw a half used bag of ice sitting there on the sidewalk unmelted and unused. I looked around and no one was there. Someone had only needed half a bag of ice, just like we did. Well perfect, we used it. Now, some would say that is luck or chance, but i say it's the hand of Allah providing a small blessing.

And these types of things (prayers getting answered super fast and other small blessings) keep happening. I'm very happy these days. I'm about done with that editing project so am about to finish 2 other projects with deadlines and also the three book reviews i have due. I can't wait until everything with a deadline is complete so I can work on my own book which is basically being written in my head nightly as i lay down. I just need the time to work on it during the day. I also have the urge to paint (badly) again and have a pile of books to read. But no matter, these blessings and all the blessings Allah has given me makes me feel at peace and very happy. How lucky can a girl be?

(Even if my aunt keeps sending me fundamentalist Christian emails trying to tell me I'm on the wrong path.)

Quote of the day: "The drop of dew curled up in the heart of the lily is no different from you when you deliver your soul into the heart of God." ~ Kahlil Gibran, The Eye of the Prophet
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