Sister Soljah
July 21, 2004

Rickshaw Posted by Hello

More than you ever wanted to know about the rickshaw.  The summary makes it sound so scandalous:

The auto rickshaw is a vehicle for hire that is one of the chief modes of transport in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. It is a motorised version of the traditional rickshaw, a small two- or three-wheeled cart pulled by a person, and the velotaxi. The auto rickshaw is also related to its Thai cousin, the Tuk-Tuk. In many cities in Southern India, auto rickshaws have a notorious reputation as the vehicle of operation in shady criminal activities, which range from petty thievery and "chain snatching" (slang for stealing the necklaces worn by Indian women) to murder.

And what is up with the trendiness of this word I'm tired of hearing it.  Why can't they just say "predicament" instead of this synonomous arrogant buzzword?

I don't like it when people try to sound smart by using big/obscure/unnecessary words when smaller/simpler ones make more sense, sound more natural and  have a better flow. 

The best book i ever read regarding writing well emphasized this point.  Someone once said: "Say it simple stupid."  This is how I approach writing.  I read the out-of-print copy of this book, but I am sure he still approaches writing with simplicity instead of arrogance.   My blog is a messy... I don't edit or think too much about it although I may be somewhat addicted to doing it, so no critiquing.  Ha!

Sister Soljah, not the greatest writer, but still a writer.
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