Sister Soljah
July 12, 2004
Okay. Toronto was AWESOME and I want to move there now. It was so cool to see so many desi's in one place and so many hijabbed sisters. There is a different atmosphere in Canada. I loved it and am trying to convince FutureHubby to move there.

Arrived in the afternoon and was picked up by FutureHubby's brother and mother. Mashalla, what a sweet and loving family. Got to his parents house and his neice and nephew were there and we started playing together right away. His mom was real quiet so i wasn't sure if she liked me. After prayers, me, FutureHubby, his brother, and nephew went bangle shopping and Khussa shopping (those pointy traditional shoes). We also looked around at the desi stores and got some samosa's and other snacks. Very cool.

Engagement Night was awesome and I felt like a princess. FutureHubby and I were both wearing shalwar khameez's (mine was made by his aunt and she did a great job!) and I was all bangled and wearing his mom's jewelry. The way he looked at me was just like I was a princess. The party was great and I met some more of his family and inlaws, etc. I felt very special. When he bent down on one knee and put the beautiful ring on my finger, he was trembling a bit but smiling big. He loves me. I can feel it. And I love him. It was a great night. Afterwards, he talked to me for a moment and told me how lucky he felt and how beautiful I looked and that I looked like a princess in the shalwar khameez. He was so emotional and me too. A very happy night.

FutureHubby left the next day and I stayed on with his family. The whole week was great and it gave me and his family an opportunity to get to know each other. I ate a ton. His parents are all about making sure I'm fed. And even when I said i was full, more food would be put on my plate. And then desert. Etc. It was a week of feasting and visiting relatives and friends. Our days and nights were booked with meeting people...which of course included lots of Pakistani food. FutureHubby's brother took me and his mom + neice and nephew to Niagra Falls one day and it was very very pretty. Just as we were on our way out, a big rainbow fell across the gaping falls area. Just beautiful.

I'm very lucky and happy to have such a loving family. They already include me as part of the family. His neice and nephew were got attached to me right away which made me feel i had an alliance ;-). I was worried about his mom at first but she loves me. I could feel it by the end of the trip. I think she may have wanted him to marry a Pakistani girl, but I think she's just happy that he's marrying a Shia. She accepts me which is what I was worried about. By the end of the week, both his mom and dad were saying "Shabba khair beta" - and I knew i was in. His dad is awesome too. If you can believe this, he has read Michael Moore's "Dude Where's My Country." I'm so glad I don't have to turn off my politics when I'm around them. They think like me and me and his dad compared conspiracy theories.

I'm sure I'm forgetting to write a lot, but it was an eventful week and the most important thing was the committment we have made to each other. I love Toronto and want to move there. It's so awesome. And I am a lucky girl...

PS. I'll be sending some pics out by email soon insh'Allah.
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