Sister Soljah
July 23, 2004
Finally made it to a mosque here in Atlanta.  Chose the Pakistani one first.  And as a sidenote, it seems just wrong for mosques to be divided by ethnicity.  We are already divided into sects which wasn't supposed to happen.  I wonder what Allah, or the Prophet, would say about the division amongst us all. 

Anyhow, i went to this one. It was the Pakistani one.  Got there just in time to do prayers.  Then they recited hadees-e-kisa I had never heard that recited except right before our engagement party.  His Mom read it before we left.  [beginning of a tangent....I experienced a few things there in when leaving the house, she circled the Qur'an around me for safety, and a dua in my luggage on the way home.  The culture/tradition stuff I don't get with non-Muslim parents I do with inlaws...kinda cool...end of tangent]  After this was the typical Dua Kumayl and Salam... Dua Kumayl didn't have the same quality as my friends husband did it.  He did with heart and soul....this guy basically recited it. 

So I was sitting there alone while everyone spoke in Urdu.  Then two nice Afghani sisters invited me to sit with them and we started talking and made friends fast.   We exchanged numbers and email addresses.  M also met a guy there so it looks like friends are starting to be made.  Tahira (this girl) is going to take me to the Iranian mosque soon on a Friday to meet some converts.  She said that's where they all go since most marry Iranians.   Leave it to me to do something different.  I'm the only convert I know marrying a Pakistani.  I guess I just have "desi fever" haha.  Anyhow, looking forward to the next mosque and meeting more people.  Maybe it will make Atlanta seem and feel better if I actually know people here.   I shoulda gone sooner...shy i guess.

Also...this was the first time I was in a coed mosque...i mean the women were behind the men and all that but there wasn't a big deal made about men and women in the same room.  There are separate rooms for the two but I guess they only use them during Eids.  Kinda cool since it would have been weird to sit in there with just a speaker talking to us.  I get distracted if i can't see the face talking.  It was HOT though as the air conditioner had just broken yesterday. 
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