Sister Soljah
July 14, 2004

Busy week. Editing a book that really needs rewriting. :-( I hate to say that, but it's true. And when I finish writing my book, my friends better tell me the truth about it...tear it apart, etc. Anyhow, getting closer with it. Placed another cache (Trash Cache) last night. The comments this one is getting is pretty funny. I guess homeless people like this park. Weird, cause we placed it after dark last night and no one was around, but everyone is running into them in the day. I guess these bums like to go to bed late and sleep late. I'm the same way. Anyhow, the comments are hilarious. One guy had to explain to one less fortunate what he was doing so he made this up:

I don't know how this was placed at night. I had enough trouble with the locals at high noon. I tried earlier in the day, but apparently several people had overslept. Finally was able to get close to the cache, but had to answer questions from many of the more curious locals. I told them I was measuring the density of the tree canopy for a project at Georgia Tech. They seemed to buy it. I don't think they would have understood geocaching....
Read some of the Qur'an, and about halfway through this book (God and His Attributes), and I read a chapter of one of the books I'm reviewing. I'm tired of reading, and my computer. I long for the outdoors but it's about to thunderstorm so it looks like i'm stuck inside so I'll just keep working.
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