Sister Soljah
July 13, 2004

So now Bush is planning another terrorist attack (the elections or at least making a threat of a terrorist attack). His first *known* terrorist attack (9/11) went so well and let him be dictator for four years and let him wipe away constitutional rights, violate Muslims, and kill thousands in countries that never posed a threat to the US.

Well since that one went so well, now he wants to do another one (or threat to do one) to end the whole democratic process which, ironically, is what he preaches about instilling in other countries. I guess he wants those oil countries to be democratic and make America a dictatorship. Well, Mr. Bush, bring it on. If you succeed in this, you will be like all the other dictators. Revolution will flourish and this country could finally get the facelift it's needed. You like creating radicals and fundamentalists and mayhem. Well do it Mr. Bush. I dare you. I have faith in the American people and they won't let you do it twice.

Here's part of a song by Ani DiFranco called Roll With It...the song has been on my mind the last couple weeks... Her disdain of the military and politics.

the mainstream is so polluted with lies
once you get wet, it's so hard to get dry
we're all taught how to justify
as it passes by
and it's your world
that comes crashing down
when the big boys decide
to throw their weight around
but just roll with it baby
make it your career
keep the home fires burning
till america is in the clear

what if the enemy
isn't in a distant land
what if the enemy lies behind
the voice of command
the sound of war
is a child's cry
behind tinted windows,
they just drive by
all i know is that those
who are going to be killed
aren't those who preside
on capitol hill
i told him,
don't fill the front lines
of their war
those a**holes aren't worth dying for
but he said
roll with it, baby
make it your career
keep the home fires burning
till america is in the clear
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