Sister Soljah
July 29, 2004
Day off

So since I am done with some stuff and had a little free time, i was catching up on some blogs. Here's some of what I found that i want to share. Read the July 26th entry from A Family in Baghdad (on the left side under links). Excellent blog entry comparing Baghdad in it's golden days and now...and some other stuff. All in all, an excellent entry.

Also saw this 'joke' on Back to Iraq 3.0 and thought it was appropriate: "Iraqis don't know what democracy is," said Jumaluddin as he chewed on a truly magnificent Cohiba. Then he told me a joke: An old woman asks her son, "What is this democracy I hear so much about? What does it mean?" Her son tells her that every four years there will be a new president. "Isn't that wonderful, umma?" The old woman thinks about that for a moment, and then asks, "Does that mean every four years there will be looting and fighting?"

and check this out: - omg...i couldn't believe it when i saw it. Those of you personally know me will know why i was taken aback. ;-)

Things to do today: Finish book that I'm reviewing and watch a movie (The Hidden Half - an Iranian one that i saw 20 minutes of months ago and never got to finish) therefore I'm preparing myself for the letdown that every Iranian movies puts us through: an unsatifying ending (if there is even an ending) or a depressing end.
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