Sister Soljah
July 10, 2004

All right, I'm back. Engaged and all and about ten pounds heavier. I spent most of the week eating and meeting people. I never realized that in Pakistani culture, if you visit someone you will get fed. And if you visit several people in a day you may get 3 lunches and 4 deserts in a time span of 4 hours. It seemed as though when breakfast was over, lunch was already starting. Whew.

I have lots to do today and this weekend but will blog it all soon insh'Allah -it's going to be a long one. What I can say is that I'm very lucky to have inlaws that accept me so fast and already consider me part of the family (the cake even said it: "Welcome to the family + my name"). I'm lucky to have a fiance that loves me as much as he does. Thanks for all the duas and Mubarek's. I'm very happy.
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